Chapter 1578: Too Late To Regret

Chapter 1578: Too Late To Regret

Though Tong Bing was tied up and couldn’t speak, he could hear the conversation. Seeing Hu Minghui’s piercingly hateful eyes, he struggled and whimpered violently.

Tong Bing regretted it deeply. He could accept death, even becoming a toy boy, but he couldn’t bear falling into the hands of the Hu Family’s father and son. That would be a torment worse than death, more terrifying than hell!

Jin Zeyu threw out a bag of crystal stones, turned around, and left without saying anything.

Just as he was about to leave, Chen Xiaofeng suddenly turned around and smiled meaningfully at Butler Hu and his son, “By the way, I have forgotten to mention that Tong Bing is into men. So, when you’re taking care of him, make sure you don’t get it wrong.”

Hahahaha…” Hu Minghui laughed wildly. He suddenly entered the inner room and pulled a large chain from under his bed. Then, he thrust it forcefully towards Tong Bing’s hip bone, saying, “Tong Bing, do you know what this chain is? The men you sent used it to tie me up and humiliate me!”

“They ignored my pleas and screams, treating me worse than an animal. They even used this chain to saw off my right leg. Before they left, they made it clear to me that you, Tong Bing, ordered them to do all this. You even had them tell me explicitly that this was your revenge for the times I humiliated and beat you!”

“Tong Bing—!” Hu Minghui’s voice became sharp, “You’re not human at all! You’re lower than an animal! Sure, I mistreated you back then, maybe gave you a beating or kept you from taking a test you’d never pass anyway. But what did you do? You not only destroyed my family, but you also had people torture me and my father to death. You turned me into a cripple. My father’s leg is crippled for protecting me. His cultivation even drop by a level!”

“I’ve kept the chain ever since, telling myself I must have my revenge one day.”

Hahahaha… I didn’t expect that heaven heard my prayer and gave me such a chance.”

Hu Minghui said with a sinister smile, “I heard that there are many sex-hungry low-rank martial artists in the northern crystal mines. To appease them and make them work more efficiently, some minor sects would secretly send over women or young boys to satisfy their needs. Do you know how tragic their fates are?”

“Some of those young boys and girls are innocent. Compared to them, you’re more deserving to be in that place. Who knows? You might even enjoy it! Hahaha… Tong Bing, brace yourself for a lifetime of constantly wishing for death!”

Hu Minghui grabbed the chain excitedly, then turned around and asked Butler Hu, “Father, let’s go to the crystal mine tomorrow, okay?”

Tong Bing opened his eyes wide in horror. The pain in his chest made his whole body convulse, but it was nothing compared to the overwhelming despair that surged up in his heart.

At this moment, Tong Bing was filled with regret. He thought of the innocent and kind-hearted person he once was when he first met Xi Yue, recalled her help, and remembered his initial admiration and respect for her. What should have been a beautiful beginning took a different turn, leading him further and further astray.

At this point in time, it was too late to regret. He no longer had the chance to turn back.

The dim candlelight swayed gently in the empty room. Its flickering light was reflected across Lu Zhixi’s face.

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