Chapter 1579: Serve

Chapter 1579: Serve

Lu Zhixi anxiously looked at her father, Lu Xuyang, whose eyes were slightly closed. She whispered pleadingly, “Father, I don’t want to serve that Qishan. I’m fond of Nangong Yu. Father, can’t you grant me my wish?”

“Grant your wish?” Lu Xuyang opened his eyes, lowered his gaze to look at the girl kneeling before him, and said with a faint smile, “I would love to grant your wish, but you’re worthless. You didn’t win Nangong Yu’s heart. How do you expect me to help you?”

Desperation filled Lu Zhixi’s eyes. She was about to say something, but Lu Xuyang’s expression turned cold, “I’m warning you. Serving Qishan is my order, and there’s no room to say no. You don’t want to serve Qishan? Fine, but I’ll reclaim the voodoo from you. You will turn back to your decaying appearance…”

“No! I’d rather die than go back to that!” Lu Zhixi jolted, and she screamed hysterically.

She would rather die than turn back into that hideous appearance at the magic beast forest!

Lu Xuyang smiled and caressed Lu Zhixi’s cheek, “So, you need to behave and be an obedient daughter. I’ve never invested in someone who doesn’t bring any value. Understand? If you do, change into the clothes I’ve prepared for you and head to Qishan’s room.”

Lu Zhixi was resentful, but she still had to leave obediently.

Lu Xuyang sat on the seat, frowning. With his eyes narrowed, he suddenly reached out his hand and grabbed the air.

The next moment, a wisp of green smoke appeared, hovering gently in his palm.

Rosemary, the scent that Hexi smelled in the Seven Stars Trapping Formation, was a potent aphrodisiac.

However, Hexi’s ability was limited by the Seven Stars Trapping Formation at that time, so she didn’t realize that the Rosemary was mixed with dazzling voodoo powder.

The voodoo was grounded, turning into powder under a dedicated process. When the mother voodoo called out, it would return to mother voodoo.

Lu Xuyang cast his devouring power toward the green smoke. His initially calm face burst into joy.

“It’s the wood source. It is really the wood source!”

Hahahaha, Xi Yue, I knew it must be you! I have been searching for it, and it turns out the wood source is just right before me!”

“The wood source is destined to be mine!”

Lu Zhixi was carried into Qishan’s room, barely clothed.

Her heart was filled with shame and anger. When she saw Qishan’s face, she was so disgusted that she almost wanted to throw up.

Qishan’s sallow complexion revealed cracked patterns when he was in heat, making him look nauseating due to his close resemblance to a reptile.

Lu Zhixi thought that night would be miserable for her, but things turned out to be the opposite of what she expected.

When Qishan touched her skin, her body seemed to be ignited by something. She was overwhelmed with waves of unbearable heat.

At first, the sight of Qishan made her feel nauseous. Touching his rough skin would startle her, causing her to withdraw her hand quickly.

However, as the heat in her body became more and more intense, her rationality was overwhelmed by desire. She couldn’t help but climb on top of Qishan and moan.

That burning passion and her proactiveness eventually became too much for Qishan to handle.

The passionate encounter lasted for over an hour. Qishan lay on the bed covered in sweat. The cracked patterns on his face receded, reverting into the sallow complexion. There was a trace of fatigue in his eyes.

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