Chapter 1580: Radiant

Chapter 1580: Radiant

Lu Zhixi was also drenched in sweat, but she looked radiant. Flushed from the lingering passion, her face appeared especially enchanting and seductive.

Moreover, to Lu Zhixi’s ecstasy, she found out that her strength had increased when she channeled her spiritual power.

The voodoo within her became increasingly excited and active. Since her voodoo became more active, her appearance became even more captivating. Her eyes were brimming with endless charm.

Why has my strength grown after my intimate encounter with Qishan? Could the voodoo within me be absorbing Qishan’s power, adding it to my own?

Thinking of this, a wave of greed struck Lu Zhixi’s heart. She didn’t care about Qishan’s ugly appearance anymore. She clung to Qishan softly and whispered, “*My lord*, I want more. Let’s do it again, shall we?”

Qi Shan was exhausted. However, Lu Zhixi’s enticing figure and seductive moan made him lose all restraints. Without hesitation, he pinned her down beneath him, indulging in another passionate round.

Another hour passed. Lu Zhixi looked radiant, showing no signs of having been ravaged.

Moreover, the absorption of fundamental essence took place without leaving a trace. Even though Qishan was at Soul Splitting Stage, he had not noticed it.

Hahaha… Lu Zhixi laughed silently in her heart.

She finally knew why Lu Xuyang put voodoo inside her. He only wanted to make me the plaything for the powerhouses and take away their spiritual essence through the voodoo in me.

But, so what? Now that I know about this, I can take advantage of it.

Yeah, I’m sleeping with an ugly man, so what? As long as I can become stronger and align myself with a master, Lu Xuyang can only become my stepping stone. Nangong Yu will become mine one day!

Lu Zhixi gently rubbed against Qi Shan’s body, trying to trick Qi Shan into going intimate with her for a few more rounds.

However, Qishan felt drained this time, so he rejected Lu Zhixi’s seductive invitation.

However, Qishan didn’t expect that Lu Zhixi was plotting against him. He thought he had just crossed the barrier to a lower realm, so his body and spiritual power had not fully recovered. Therefore, he was unable to do what he wanted.

Lu Zhixi lay on Qishan weakly, resembling a delicate bird nestling against someone. However, there was a trace of disdain in her eyes.

This man is nothing. It’s only two rounds, but he can’t take it anymore.

When I find a better backer, I will kick him away sooner or later.

Thinking of this, Lu Zhi Xi gently caressed Qi Shan’s chest and playfully pouted, “Sir Qishan is so powerful. It’s Zhixi’s first time today, and I almost couldn’t handle it!”

Qi Shan showed a complacent look on his face. No man would not like to hear a woman’s praise in this regard.

Lu Zhixi said again, “*My lord*, I’ve given myself entirely to you. You have to take responsibility for me!”

Qi Shancaressed her soft cheek, his voice rough and raspy, “You little seductress, how do you want me to take responsibility for you?”

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