Chapter 1581: Suspicion

Chapter 1581: Suspicion

“I’ve always heard that the Siam Continent is much better than the Miluo Continent, with treasures around every corner. I’m hoping to visit Siam with you and broaden my horizons. Now that I’m yours, I can’t stand the thought of being away from you even for a day!”

Qishan smiled but didn’t give her a clear answer. It was not the first time he had encountered a woman in the lower realm dedicating herself to flattery, hoping for a chance to ascend to the upper realm. To him, although Lu Zhixi might be pretty and entertaining, she was just a plaything.

“Whether you can go to the upper realm with me depends on your performance.”

Lu Zhixi gritted her teeth secretly but said coquettishly, “My lord, didn’t Zhixi behave well enough just now? How else do you want Zhixi to behave?”

Qi Shan rolled his eyes and suddenly said in a deep voice, “Tell me first, what is the origin of that Xi Yue?”

When Lu Zhixi heard Xi Yue’s name, her increasingly seductive face twisted ferociously.

It took her a long time to calm down. She gritted her teeth and said, “She is just a village girl from a small place. What kind of background does she possibly have? It’s sheer luck that she has Immortal Xuan Qing as her master. Otherwise, where would she be today?”

“My lord, you wouldn’t believe it. Immortal Xuan Qing treats the village girl well, establishing the Shengde Pharmacy for her and providing her with the best quality pill. Immortal Xuan Qing had even advanced her cultivation from the Foundation Establishment Stage to Gold Core Stage. That bitch only had Foundation Establishment Stage when she ventured into the magical beast forest. She was supposed to die there, but she advanced in the forest into the Gold Core Stage. Even heaven favors her!”

The more Lu Zhixi said, the more resentful and crazy she became. However, Qishan frowned and caught Lu Zhixi’s words, “Did she advance from the Foundation Establishment Stage to the Gold Core Stage within half a year? It even happened in the magical beast forest. Tell me exactly what happened when she promoted her cultivation!”

Zhixi was annoyed, full of disdain. The last thing she wanted to talk about was Xi Yue’s shining achievements.

Qi Shan suddenly narrowed his eyes and said, “As long as you tell me everything you know, without any falsehoods, I promise to take you to Siam Continent when your cultivation reaches the Nascent Soul Stage.”

“My lord, are you serious?!”

Qi Shan’s eyes flashed a hint of sarcasm, but he smiled and said, “Little beauty, you serve me so well. How could I lie to you? But don’t blame me for being harsh if you dare to lie!”

Qi Shan spoke the last sentence in a stern voice. Lu Zhixi shuddered, but she eventually committed and recounted in detail the scene of Xi Yue’s advancement in cultivation during that time.

The more Qi Shan listened, the more dignified his expression became.

The time when Xi Yue advanced was precisely the time when Golden Wolf planned to capture the beastkins in the magical beast forest.

However, after that, Golden Wolf suddenly disappeared. When he returned, he had become a fool, repeating the words “wood source” repeatedly.

Moreover, after Qishan inquired about the Miluo Continent, he found out that during those days, unusual events happened in the magical beast forest. There were thunderclouds covering the sky and green beams of light shooting straight into the sky.

It just so happened that Xi Yue ascended to the Gold Core Stage at that time. Could everything be related to this girl?

The same girl who would actually wear the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress and even make the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress acknowledge her as the owner…

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