Chapter 1582: Good For Nothing

Chapter 1582: Good For Nothing

Thinking of this, Qishan could no longer stay still. He abruptly pushed away Zhixi, who was lying on top of him, and swiftly got up.

Lu Zhixi reached out to hold him back and said puzzledly, “My lord, what’s the matter? It’s still late at night. Why did you get up?”

Before she could finish speaking, Qishan impatiently pushed her aside and vanished from the room in a flash.

Zhixi was left alone and utterly clueless about what she did wrong. She looked both shocked and scared.

While Lu Xuyang was eagerly and excitedly thinking about how to get the wood source, he suddenly felt a violent spiritual power fluctuation coming from the direction of the barrier teleportation array.

With a serious look, he hurried over but only saw Qi Shan disappearing into the barrier.

“Father, what happened? Why did Sir Qishan leave suddenly?” Lu Zhixi’s panicked voice came from behind.

The panic was mixed with resentment. This bastard, how dare he leave after everything?What did you take me, Lu Zhixi, as? You’re supposed to improve my strength and bring me to the Siam Continent as soon as possible!

Lu Xuyang’s expression turned livid. He slowly turned to look at Lu Zhixi, “That’s a question I should be asking you. What just happened? Why did Qishan leave so suddenly?”

Lu Zhixi said aggrievedly, “Father, I obeyed your order to serve Sir Qishan. I don’t know why Sir Qishan suddenly…”

Lu Xuyang waved his hand to cut her off. He said with a gloomy face, “Tell me everything you have done and said. If you dare to hide anything, you will know the consequences!”

Lu Zhixi was terrified when she saw Lu Xuyang’s cold and cruel eyes. Years of dominance made her dare not resist, so she obediently recounted everything that had just happened.

When Lu Xuyang heard her mentioning what happened before and after Xi Yue’s advancement in cultivation, his expression was gloomy and frightening.

Before Zhixi could finish her sentence, he slapped her hard, gritting his teeth and saying, “You’re good for nothing. I can’t believe a useless person like you ruined my plan!”

Half of Lu Zhixi’s cheek was swollen from the slap. She fell heavily to the ground, looking at Lu Xuyang with astonishment and horror.

Lu Xuyang sneered, with a sharp cold glint in his eyes, “I kept you around to restore your beauty, hoping that you could control the people sent by the Green Vine Clan. I have never expected you to be so useless. Not only did you fail to seduce Qishan, but you also ruined my entire plan. What’s the use of me keeping trash like you?!”

“Father! Father! I’m sorry. I dare not repeat the mistake again. Please give your daughter another chance, *sob*!” Lu Zhixi cried loudly. She knew how cruel Lu Xuyang was, who might probably kill her on the spot.

Lu Xuyang raised his hand in mid-air. He sneered, “Fine, I’ll spare your life. You’ll serve well to divert Nangong Yu’s attention.”

“I bet you didn’t know. Nangong Yu and the Nangong Family have already grasped the crucial clues. Soon, they will trace the clues back to you. Haha, my dear daughter, best of luck to you!”

Lu Zhixi’s eyes widened all of a sudden. Her face was filled with fear. She opened her mouth wide, wanting to say something. However, Lu Xuyang already instructed coldly, “Send Miss back to Miracle Healer Academy. Without my permission, she is not allowed to return to the Doctors Association!”

“No—! Dad! Dad! Help me! Help me!”

A shrill cry sounded in Lu Xuyang’s mansion and disappeared without a trace.

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