Chapter 1583: Legend

Chapter 1583: Legend

As for Hexi, after they returned to the dormitory of Huang Medical Branch, Nangong Yu was quickly driven away by the impatient Immortal Xuan Qing.

Nangong Yu found this old man not pleasing to the eye, but Immortal Xuan Qing’s cultivation was higher. He was Xi’er’s master, too, so he could only stomach his frustration.

After Nangong Yu left, Immortal Xuan Qing took out the chicken legs and fine wine. While indulging in the food, he mumbled, “My dear discipline, did you agree to marry that rascal? You know, I have connections with many talented young men in the upper realm, surely better choices than that Nangongyu…”

A hint of amusement flashed in Hexi’s eyes, but she feigned complaint, “No way. Just one relationship is troublesome enough, and now you want to introduce me to a bunch of potential dates? Are you trying to make my life even more complicated?”

Immortal Xuan Qing glanced at her. He shook his head and said, “Ah, young girls grow up so quickly! In such a short time, my sweet and precious disciple has been charmed away by that Nangong Family’s brat! Tsk tsk, he’s just as shameless as his master!”

Hexi asked in surprise, “Master, who is Nangong Yu’s master?”

Immortal Xuan Qing paused momentarily, then chuckled awkwardly, “That’s a shameless old man. Every time he loses a fight with me, he throws a fit. He’s always mooching off my food and drink. Hmph, it figures that his disciple and grand disciple would be cut from the same cloth.”

Hexi glanced suspiciously at Immortal Xuan Qing. She had the illusion that the person who lost the duel fight and cheated was her gluttonous master.

Feeling embarrassed by Hexi’s gaze, Immortal Xuan Qing glared back at her. After quickly finishing the chicken leg in his hand, he said in a deep voice, “Bring out the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress and Purple Jade Phoenix Hairpin for me to see.”

Hexi was surprised but still took out the two items without hesitation.

Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress looked lavish and vibrant. Both its fabric and accessories emitted a faint glow. However, it shone a bit lesser than when Hexi wore it.

However, when Hexi touched it, a ray of light flashed immediately on the cloth woven with natural silk. The array patterns on it flashed. In Hexi’s eyes, it was as if the criss-cross patterns on the clothes were suddenly energized when she touched them.

Hexi’s eyes widened slightly. Immortal Xuan Qing’s face turned serious. The playful smile just now was no longer on his face. He spoke in a deep voice, “The seal of the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress has been lifted… That’s quite unexpected.”

Immortal Xuan Qing looked at his disciple. The expression in his eyes was indescribably complicated.

The young girl before him was in the prime of her youth, stunningly beautiful. Even in the legendary God Domain, it might be hard to find a woman more captivating than her.

Initially, Immortal Xuan Qing accepted this disciple because he liked this young girl’s personality. Besides, he really couldn’t resist the temptation of delicious food.

However, what he thought to be an ordinary lower realm girl had such an astonishing secret behind her.

Everything was unimaginable, whether it was the portrait, her stunning talent, or the hidden power of those around her. Not to mention the activated Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress.

Does my young disciple understand what it means for the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress to be activated?

If the legend is true, the rightful owner of Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress is destined to be that person’s…

Immortal Xuan Qing frowned tightly. Even Hexi noticed his unusual behavior. She couldn’t help but ask, “Master, what’s the matter? Is there something wrong with this Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress?”

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