Chapter 1584: Disaster

Chapter 1584: Disaster

Immortal Xuan Qing looked at Hexi hesitantly, pausing momentarily before asking, “Are you sure you’re set on marrying none other than Nangong Yu?”

Hexi blushed. For a rare moment, she looked like a bashful young girl. “Master, how many times are you going to ask me that?”

If there were anyone in this world she would willingly spend her life with, it would undoubtedly be Nangong Yu.

“Moreover, we had set a date for our wedding. We will return to Jin Ling City after the matter of Miracle Healer Academy is over. Master, will you go back together?”

Hexi had always been reserved and independent, but she could sense every bit of affection that Immortal Xuan Qing showered on her. From initially resisting him to accepting him, she truly regarded this old man as a master and an elder. That was why she occasionally showed a softer, youthful side before him.

Seeing her demeanor, Immortal Xuan Qing knew it wasn’t a one-sided deep infatuation from Nangong Yu. He couldn’t help but sigh and say, “Okay, okay, I won’t ask anymore. However, be careful from now on.”

Seeing Immortal Xuan Qing’s solemn expression, Hexi immediately restrained herself and listened to the teaching.

Immortal Xuan Qing narrowed his eyes slightly, “Members of the Green Vine Clan and the Nangong Family witnessed everything today. Soon, this news will spread to the Siam Continent. If they learned that you’ve worn the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress, there will be a lot of troubles.”

“What concerns me most isn’t that, but the wood spiritual root in your body. Green Vine Clan has been looking for the purest wood spiritual root, intending to claim it as their own. It will spell disaster if they discover the wood spiritual root in you.”

Hexi wanted to confess to Immortal Xuan Qing about the wood source, but Immortal Xuan Qing suddenly picked up Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress.

A stream of pure spiritual power, mixed with the power of fundamental essence, suddenly poured into Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress. The already illuminated glowing patterns on the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress shone as bright as the blazing sun, dazzling and brilliant.

When the power and light faded, Immortal Xuan Qing slumped exhausted into his chair. His face revealed his fatigue. Even the wrinkles on his face deepened a bit more.


Immortal Xuan Qing waved his hand, signaling Hexi to stay calm. He panted briefly before saying, “What are you shouting for? Pouring this bit of spiritual power and fundamental essence into it doesn’t kill me. I can recover in merely a month. “

Hexi frowned and looked at Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress, “Master, why are you?”

After catching his breath, Immortal Xuan Qing quickly took out a bottle of fine wine, had several gulphs, and sighed, “Now that’s a good wine! A drink brings this old man back to life, haha…!”

Seeing Hexi’s worried and disapproving face, Immortal Xuan Qing smiled and said, “My dear disciple, I know you can now use Old Zi Jin’s Maha Inheritance at the 3rd level—Sinless Fire.”

“This move is mighty. When executed at full strength, it can instantly kill martial artists in the early and middle stages of the Soul Splitting Stage. However, your current cultivation is inadequate. Using the Sinless Fire will exhaust your spiritual power. At most, you can instantly kill a Nascent Soul Stage martial artist.”

“I have infused my fundamental essence into the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress. If you ever find yourself in grave danger, put on the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress and unleash the Sinless Fire. The power of the move is raised to its limit. Also, I have ensured you can cast it at least three times.”

“You have too many secrets surrounding you, girl. I can’t always be by your side to protect you. Even if you used an inscribed message jade slip to alert me, I might not make it in time… Thankfully, the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress can store fundamental essence…”

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