Chapter 1585: Widespread News

Chapter 1585: Widespread News

“My dear disciple, this is a wedding gift from me!”

Oh, I have suffered a big loss this time, losing so much of my spiritual energy. I have to drink a lot of fine wine to make up for it.”

Hexi took over the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress and felt the robust energy circulating on the dress. She felt grateful and joyful.

This gift was indeed what she needed and liked the most.

“Thank you, master!” Hexi hugged Immortal Xuan Qing, ignoring his sloppy clothes and the alcohol residue on his beard.

She decided that after this busy period, she would brew some fine wine for Immortal Xuan Qing, showcasing her culinary and brewing skills from her previous life to repay her master’s kindness.

Immortal Xuan Qing was flustered, and even his face was red.

Haha, my cold and indifferent apprentice suddenly treats me so kindly. Such magnitude of care makes me flattered.

No wonder those elderlies in the Siam Continent like the youngsters so much, wanting to pamper them so much.

The news that Xi Yue was a woman spread rapidly to the entire Miluo Continent.

Due to Nangong Yu’s influence, the Boundless Blackmarket spread the news everywhere. In just a few days, the Miluo Continent heard two pieces of news.

The first piece of news was that Xi Yue was a woman; the second piece of news was that the King of Hell, Nangong Yu, and Xi Yue would get married on 9th September. The location was set to be the Yanjing City of Jin Ling Kingdom.

Xi Yue and the others were running busy in the Sealed Dragon Domain of Jin Ling Kingdom.

Was the Sealed Dragon Domain big? Yes, that place was vast beyond imagination. The warehouse there could store thousands of goods.

However, the warehouse was almost full. Even the Green Wood Domain, which had more caves, was short of space to store the treasures.

In just a few days, the bridal gifts from the King of Hell Mansion kept pouring into the Cang Mountain.

Because of this, everyone knew that Xi Yue was the one who snatched control of the Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory back then.

Was it shocking? Yes, of course.

However, when everyone knew that Xi Yue was Immortal Xuan Qing’s disciple, the shock turned into amazement and acceptance.

Immortal Zi Jin left behind the Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory. Moreover, or even better, the Immortal Xuan Qing’s cultivation was comparable to Immortal Zi Jin’s.

So, there were no surprises for Immortal Xuan Qing’s disciples to acquire the Sealed Dragon Domain.

In just over a year since Xi Yue rose to prominence, there were too many astonishing deeds she had accomplished.

She established her name in the Breaking Spirit Mountain, acquired the Shengde Hall, concocted the best quality pill, saved the Yongan City Lord’s son, and entered the Miracle Healer Academy. Now, it was revealed that she was a woman who would be marrying into the King of Hell Mansion.

Many people thought that if someone said Xi Yue was the Nine Heavens Maiden or a hidden gem from the vast sea, they wouldn’t be surprised. The shock she had given everyone had been so numerous that they had become numb.

The citizens of Jin Ling Kingdom had fully come to see the King of Hell, Nangong Yu, and Xi Yue, as representatives of their kingdom.

It was initially a small kingdom that everyone oppressed, but they held pride in speaking to outsiders with their identities now.

Did you say you belong to the Cang Ming Kingdom? Was your land bigger than ours? That was nothing. If the King of Hell attacked your land, your land would soon belong to Jin Ling Kingdom at any minute!

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