Chapter 1586: Dowry

Chapter 1586: Dowry

—So, I heard you were from the Shui Yue Sect, which was rich in resources. Pfft, could you get a steady supply of the best quality pills? Our Jin Ling Kingdom could because the headquarters of the Shengde Hall was in our Jin Ling Kingdom. Xi Yue was also from our Jin Ling Kingdom, hahaha~

The wedding of Hexi and Nangong Yu was celebrated as the biggest event in the Jin Ling Kingdom. Everyone was eagerly awaiting the arrival of 9th September.

In the Sealed Dragon Domain, Xi Jia, Mai Xiang, Mu Dong, and the rest knelt in front of Mammy Chen’s tomb, paying their respect individually.

Xi Jia said softly, “Mammy Chen, the young miss asked me to tell you that she is doing well and is about to get married. You can rest easy now.”

Mai Xiang and Mu Dong had tears in their eyes. Although they didn’t know Mammy Chen, they were aware that she was someone the young miss deeply respected. They had also heard many stories about Mammy Chen and knew the hardships she and the young miss had endured.

Mai Xiang said sobbingly, “Mammy Chen, we will take good care of the young miss. His Royal Highness King of Hell is so in love with her. She will be happy after marriage.”

In the Ice Snow Domain, hundreds of thousands of Zhenwei Army gathered together, each with a look of astonishment and shock on their faces.

Mr. Xi Yue is actually a woman. The talented and dazzling Mr. Xi Yue is actually a woman?

That was already several days later. When they first heard the news, all 100,0000 of them were utterly shocked. They were frozen in disbelief for several hours, unable to snap out of it.

Chen Guang muttered, “Who would’ve thought that after training for so long, instead of having the young miss join the battle, we’d first have to attend her wedding?”

Speaking of Miss, Chen Guang’s mouth twitched. He still couldn’t believe it. Xi Yue was a woman, and she was about to get married.

Someone among the soldiers suddenly shouted, “Who cares if she is a young master or a young miss? Since she is getting married, we need to show up and support her. When the time comes, our troops will follow behind the wedding procession, carrying the dowry. We’ll march in majestically with dowry spans thousands of miles.”

Upon hearing this, everyone rejoiced and burst into laughter.

“I wonder if the wedding banquet held by the King of Hell Mansion will be big enough to accommodate all hundred thousand of us!”

“If the wedding banquet isn’t grand enough, how dare he marry our young miss?” Someone shouted, “Anyway, the young miss has invited us to the wedding, let’s go and enjoy ourselves!”

Psh, are you kidding me? That’s His Royal Highness King of Hell, the mightiest martial artist in our Jin Ling Kingdom. He’s currently the number one of the Miluo Continent. If he is marrying our young miss, do you really think that the arrangements would be anything less than grand?”

Apart from the Jin Ling Kingdom, there was also the Shen Family from the Qingxia Sect, Master Yuehua of the Yongan City, and even the Han Family and the Xia Family. Some of them were shocked, and some were delighted. They all started looking for rare items as gifts for the 9th September.

The entire Miluo Continent Immortal Realm had never been so lively.

Of course, while some people were delighted, there were also those who felt resentful and unwilling.

When Nalan Yurong got the news, she had just returned from the Nascent Soul Stage old man whom Master Xukong asked her to serve. Despite feeling disgusted and repulsed inside, she still put on a facade of a sweet smile on her face.

“Is Xi Yue a woman?! Is she marrying His Royal Highness King of Hell? How is this possible? This news must be fake, fake!”

Nalan Yurong’s voice was high-pitched and sharp, like nails scraping against a slate, creating a grating sound.

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