Chapter 1587: Alone?!

Chapter 1587: Alone?!

The one who came to deliver the news was another female disciple of Master Xukong, who was not as beautiful as Nalan Yurong. However, her gaze at Nalan Yurong was filled with a condescending smirk, “Hahaha, how can that be impossible? Those who participated in the Nangong Family’s banquet at Miracle Healer Academy passed the news back. Xi Yue is not only a woman but also stunningly beautiful, with remarkable talents. At such a young age, she already possesses the peak of the Gold Core Stage. Compared to some useless idiots, she’s miles ahead in terms of power!”

“Unlike someone who is a nobody now. She still fantasizes that Her Highness King of Hell loves her. Tsk, I must admit that I can’t match that level of shamelessness.”

Nalan Yurong’s face turned pale, and then anger, sadness, and disbelief painted her expression.

She seemingly gave the appearance of an infatuated woman whom the heartless man had let down.

The female disciples of Master Xukong sneered. Her tone was sarcastic, “Senior Sister Nalan, don’t you always think that you are as beautiful as a fairy, and no one doesn’t like you? Back then, you used your looks and the Nalan Family’s Jiuqu Lingshen Pill to marginalize me so that Senior Brother and Master shun me.”

Hehe, didn’t expect this, did you? The tides have turned, and now the Nalan Family has fallen. The Jiuqu Lingshen Pill you brought back is fake, and your body has been defiled by who knows how many old men. What face do you have left to mock me, to ostracize me? Look at those junior brothers and sisters flocking around you now. Do you think they’ll spare you another glance?”

Seeing Nalan Yurong’s face getting increasingly sour, the female disciple fell into high spirits. She chuckled as she walked away. Before leaving, she remarked, “Oh, I almost forgot to remind you. The wedding of His Highness King of Hell and Xi Yue is set on the 9th of September! Even though you’re not invited, hahaha~”

Nalan Yurong clenched her fists tightly with both hands and remained frozen.

After a long time, she gritted her teeth and shook her head: “No! No! King of Hell Nangong Yu initially proposed to Nalan Hexi for the relics of An Lingyue in her possession. Why would he suddenly want to marry Xi Yue? Could it be An Lingyue’s relics are already in Xi Yue’s hands? But why did Xi Yue suddenly become a woman?”

The more Nalan Yurong thought about it, the more anxious she became.

A vision of Nangong Yu’s handsome and flawless face flashed through her mind, igniting a rush of warmth, followed by a surge of jealousy and burning resentment.

Xi Yue, you bitch. If you don’t have An Lingyue’s relic, how would you have the power and status you hold now? If I have the An Lingyue’s relic, I would definitely…

Wait a moment! Nalan Yurong’s expression suddenly froze, her eyes flickering with a spark of realization. “No! When did Xi Yue appear? It was over a year ago, the same time as Nalan Hexi’s transformation.”

“Also, Sealed Dragon Domain, Cang Mountain, at the foot of Cang Mountain, isn’t that the courtyard where Nalan Hexi was abandoned?”

“Xi Yue is a woman who got An Lingyue’s relic. Nangong Yu first proposed to Nalan Hexi, and now he is going to marry Xi Yue. What is the connection between this?”

“Could Xi Yue and Nalan Hexi be the same person?!”

Nalan Yurong’s eyes widened, full of shock and disbelief, followed by hatred.

Nalan Hexi, you bitch. You’re supposed to be the trash below me. You’re the illegitimate daughter of the Nalan Family. How did you transform into that stunning Xi Yue? Why do you get to marry Nangong Yu, bitch?

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