Chapter 1588: Swine Disease

Chapter 1588: Swine Disease

No! I will tell everyone that Nalan Hexi is Xi Yue. She is the illegitimate daughter, the lowest of the low!

Nalan Yurong hurriedly headed for the door. However, just as she reached it, she suddenly stopped.

Even if I tell the others that Xi Yue is Nalan Hexi, who would believe me? Everyone would treat me as a laughing stock!

Nalan Yurong gritted her teeth. A cold glint burst out from her eyes.

Nalan Hexi has everything she does now because of An Lingyue’s relic. If I could get my hands on that relic… No, I must get that relic! I can’t keep living this miserable life!

With that thought, Nalan Yurong gritted her teeth and headed to Yanjing City immediately.

In the void, several little ones heard the buzzing news from the Miracle Healer Academy and Miracle Healer City.

Little Egg strode happily in the void, “Oh, my mother is getting married. My mother is really going to get married!”

“Little Egg will have a father in the future. Then, I will have a father, a mother, a younger brother, and a younger sister in the future. Haha, Little Egg will no longer be alone.”

The Little Golden Dragon hovered in the air, casting a disdainful gaze at the Little Pink Pig roaming around in a frolicking manner and Little Dumb Cow trailing behind it.

These two embarrassing fellows. Don’t tell anyone that I’m with you.

Little Red Bird perched on Xiao Chi’s shoulder and chirped, “What is marriage? Can it be eaten? What is this silly pig so excited about? Is it sick? Swine disease?”

“You’re the only one with swine disease! You silly bird!” Little Egg stopped, shooting the Little Red Bird a fierce glare. It laughed with stars in its eyes, “Oh, what should I do? I’ve never been to a wedding before. What should I wear?”

“By the way, I want to be a flower boy. I want to sprinkle flower petals for my mother. I want to be a ring boy and deliver the wedding rings. Hahaha, I must dress up nicely. Oh, I’ll ask Mom to get me a custom-made outfit. Hahaha~

Little Golden Dragon and Little Red Bird looked confused. Flower boy? Ring boy? Custom-made outfit? What the hell is this?

Hearing Little Red Bird’s chirping questions, Little Egg put on a proud and coy face, pointed at the Little Golden Dragon, and said arrogantly, “You bunch of bumpkins! You don’t even know this bit of common sense and have the nerve to say you’re under me. It’s embarrassing for me if word gets out.”

Little Golden Dragon and Little Red Bird: I really want to beat him up!

Little Egg frothed and introduced the marriage scene seen in the TV series to the two.

Its memories spanned tens of thousands of years, mingling with various wedding scenes, plus what it had seen on TV. As a result, its words were a jumbled mess, making little coherent sense.

However, Little Golden Dragon and Little Red Bird still understood him. Or rather, they understood one thing.

Oh man, weddings do seem like a lot of fun! We’re going to play pranks in the bridal chamber and tease the groom, Nangong Yu. Hahaha, and Nangong Yu can’t even fight back. Just thinking about it is so exciting!

Suddenly, Little Egg’s excitedly drooling smiling face froze. Its pink face revealed a troubled expression, “Ah, no, the wedding can’t be like that. The procedure is wrong!”

Little Golden Dragon and the others looked confused. What’s going on? Weren’t we all happy just a moment ago? Why the sudden change of heart? Little Egg’s mind is unpredictable!

Little Egg ignored them but exited the void.

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