Chapter 1590: I Need To Talk To You

Chapter 1590: I Need To Talk To You

Suddenly, with a bang, a pink little pig fell from the sky and hit Nangong Yu on the head.

With a gloomy face, Nangong Yu looked at Little Pink Pig, who fell between him and Hexi. His eyes were as sharp as a knife.

No one liked to be interrupted when they were in the middle of a sweet moment, exchanging loving words.

Little Egg swallowed and thought to himself: Father is so scary.

But Little Egg is a brave Little Egg. I must move forward bravely for Mother’s happiness.

“Father, I need to talk to you about something.”

Nangong Yu’s gaze was still sharp, giving off a “spit it out, get to the point, and then get lost” kind of vibe.

Little Egg shrank its neck and muttered, “This matter can only be told to you, Father. Mother must not hear about it.”

Hexi’s lips twitched, thinking: This two-faced rascal. I haven’t even gotten married, and he’s already cozying up to the new boss.”

She narrowed her eyes and said coldly, “Is there something he can hear that I can’t, Little Egg? Whose spiritual pet are you?”

Little Egg shrunk its neck even shorter and looked at Nangong Yu expectantly.

Father and Mother look so scary when they’re angry.

Nangong Yu smirked. He became curious about what the little guy had to say. Could it be a secret about Xi’er? Well, there’s no harm in listening.

Little Egg rambled on and on in the study, speaking very fast. He jumped from one topic to another.

However, Nangong Yu understood it, and so did Qing Long, who stood behind Nangong Yu.

Qing Long’s forehead veins pulsed repeatedly. Even with his usually patient and loyal nature, he couldn’t help but twitch his lips and say, “Master, I feel that this matter isn’t quite right.”

Little Egg immediately retorted, “Why not? Little Egg’s mother is the best mother in the world. Father, am I right?”

Nangong Yu nodded without hesitation, “Xi’er is naturally the best. I’m afraid I haven’t given her enough. Since Little Egg said it, I will naturally do it.”

Wow, that’s great!” Little Egg cheered happily, then winked at Qing Long and grimaced, “Did you hear that? Father said he would do it.”

Qing Long looked at Nangong Yu and hesitated to speak, “Master, you are the King of Hell…”

Nangong Yu narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “Qing Long, you sure have become quite chatty lately. Since when did it become your place to question my decisions?”

“Qing Long dare not!”

“Since you dare not, follow what Little Egg said and start preparing.”

The veins on Qinglong’s forehead throbbed again, but he bowed and followed the command in the end.

Little Egg held his round face, daydreamed about the future scenes and his mother’s reaction, and chuckled mischievously.

In Heaven No. 1 Dormitory, Lu Zhixi paced back and forth in her room restlessly.

Since the day before yesterday, she was sent back to the Miracle Healer Academy by Lu Xuyang directly. Moreover, two Nascent Soul Stage martial artists who were initially assigned to protect her were all recalled by Lu Xuyang.

She was abandoned by Lu Xuyang and imprisoned in Miracle Healer Academy, unable to leave.

Worse still, without Lu Xuyang’s protection, she might not even be able to live in the Heaven Dormitory anymore.

However, that wasn’t Lu Zhixi’s biggest concern.

What terrified her most was that the entire Miracle Healer Academy was now on edge, with everyone feeling at risk.

Old Lady Nangong’s investigation was incredibly swift, promptly apprehending and interrogating anyone near the desolate courtyard during the banquet.

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