Chapter 1591: Am I Pretty?

Chapter 1591: Am I Pretty?

Many people were taken away from the academy. It stood to reason that Lu Zhixi should not be found out so quickly, but she had a bad premonition.

Especially after a man named Zuo Yihao from the pioneer branch was taken away, Lu Zhixi was even more restless.

Zuo Yihao was one of the Gold Core Stage martial artists who participated in the Seven Stars Trapping Formation.

If Zuo Yihao ratted her out, everything would be over for her. Nangong Yu’s swift action would be ruthless and heartless; he would not spare her.

No, that’s impossible. Zuo Yihao won’t rat me out! But what if?

Lu Zhixi angrily grabbed a vase on the table and threw it on the ground.

Why is it that everything seems to be going wrong for me? It’s as if the universe is deliberately conspiring against me.

“Zhixi, don’t worry. Nangong Yu and the others won’t trace it back to us.”

A pair of hands gripped her shoulders. Even though Lu Zhixi wanted to shrug them off in irritation, a sudden warmth surged in her dantian.

The voodoo that was lurking in her body became active.

Lu Zhixi’s eyes shifted quickly. She quickly turned around with a weeping expression. She wrapped her arms around the man’s neck behind her and said softly, “Ye Zhou, I’m so scared. Will you protect me?”

“Of… Of course, I will protect you!” The man’s voice was hesitant and filled with desire, his hands beginning to wander on Lu Zhixi’s body.

Lu Zhixi’s breath was sweet as she leaned towards the man, “Ye Zhou, I like you the most. What about you? Do you like me?”

“I do!” The man gazed at her with deep affection. Unable to contain himself any longer, he leaned down fiercely, capturing Lu Zhixi’s lips with his while his hands forcefully tore at her clothing.

The room quickly filled with intimate sighs and moans. A sly smile flashed in Lu Zhixi’s eyes.

After a while, the noise in the room finally subsided completely. Lu Zhixi refreshedly got up from the bed and walked barefoot to the crystal-clear mirror.

Her reflection in the mirror was enchanting, appearing a few years younger, yet with a seductive charm that could make any man’s heart race just by looking at her.

Lu Zhixi laughed heartily as the wind blew in from outside the room, lifting the bed curtains and revealing the silhouette inside.

The young man, who was still alive and kicking just now, looked withered. He was on the brink of death, as if his vitality had been drained away.

However, the scariest thing was the satisfied smile. He kept muttering, “Zhixi… let’s do it again…”

Hearing his murmur, Lu Zhixi sneered. She waved his hand, revealing a gap in the bed. The dying man fell through the gap. From below, faint roars of beasts could be heard.

The bed soon reverted to its original state. Then, another student from the pioneer branch hurried in from the yard.

When Hu Jianfei first entered, he was sweating profusely. His eyes filled with anxiety and panic. However, he was immediately entranced upon seeing Li Zhixi, who looked as radiant and enticing as a dew-kissed rose. He put all urgent matters to the back of his mind.

Lu Zhixi turned around and saw Hu Jianfei’s infatuated expression. A trace of disdain flashed in her eyes, but she gracefully extended her fingers and beckoned Hu Jianfei, saying, “Come here!”

Hu Jianfei walked over. He couldn’t help but swallow when he saw Lu Zhixi’s deliberately exposed shoulders and chest.

Lu Zhixi smiled with satisfaction, “Am I pretty?”

Hu Jianfei nodded repeatedly.

“Am I prettier or Xi Yue?”

“Of course, you are prettier. Zhixi, I…I really love you to death!”

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