Chapter 1592: Time to Reel In The Net

Chapter 1592: Time to Reel In The Net

After speaking, Hu Jianfei could no longer hold back. He hurriedly rushed toward Lu Zhixi.

Lu Zhixi wore a smug grin. Another victim just delivered himself to her doorstep to boost her cultivation. How could she possibly turn him away?

These idiots of the Miracle Healer Academy come to me willingly. It will be a waste if I don’t take advantage of these “nourishments”!

Haha! As long as my strength improves, I will trample Xi Yue and Lu Xuyang under my feet.

The room became steamy once again.

No one noticed that outside the window, a person was coldly looking at the dirty and corrupt scene inside. Those eyes seemed to be a bottomless abyss, “Through absorbing the strength of others, she has reached the middle stage of the Gold Core Stage.”

Cai Yu clenched his hands slowly, but a cold and mocking smile surfaced, “Lu Zhixi, you have no idea that your demise is approaching, do you?”

When Hexi came out of the library, she saw Nangong Yu waiting outside with a smile.

Willows swaying gently, a soft breeze blowing; the man standing beneath the willow trees was a sight to behold, as picturesque as a painting or poetic verse.

Hexi’s mood became indescribably soft and peaceful.

She remembered back in college when she was on assignments, she often saw boyfriends waiting outside the library for their girlfriends. The two would then stroll hand in hand by the river, a scene both romantic and sweet.

But at that time, she never thought that such simple sweetness would belong to her one day.

Hexi stepped forward quickly and took Nangong Yu’s hand.

Suddenly, she turned her eyes and saw the back of a man leaving, which seemed familiar.

That person seems to be Cai Yu. I heard that after he came out of Spirit Extinct Valley, he chose to stay with Lu Zhixi again. It seemed like he was talking to Nangong Yu just now.

Hexi raised her eyebrows slightly and said, “Was that Cai Yu just now? What did he want with you?”

Nangong Yu chuckled, “To be precise, he came to look for you, but I intercepted him.”

Hexi rolled his eyes at her man. This guy is shameless for saying such a thing.

Lately, Nangong Yu didn’t go back to Jin Ling Kingdom to prepare the wedding banquet. Instead, he stuck to her side non-stop. Anyone from the Miracle Healer Academy trying to approach her was shooed away, all under the guise of “protecting her safety”.

He’s jealous! Hexi was annoyed and amused, and then a hint of doubt crept into her mind.

She always felt that Nangong Yu was being secretive lately, unsure of what he was up to. Along with that, the Huang Medical Branch people were also acting mysteriously. It was as if everyone was in on something, and she was the only one out.

However, Hexi never took the initiative to ask. If Nangong Yu wasn’t sharing, he had his reasons. She would find out when the time was right.

“What does Cai Yu want from me?”

A cold light flashed across Nangong Yu’s eyes. He said in a deep voice, “It’s nothing. Just that the net I cast out, it’s time to reel it in.”

Lu Zhixi woke up suddenly from her sleep and sat up sweating profusely. Her face was full of horror.

She looked around and realized she was in her room. Off to the side, several disheveled men were scattered about.

Oh, I’m not in a prison cell. There are no torture devices on me. Luckily, it’s just a dream.

Those men were students from the Miracle Healer Academy. They had spent intimate moments with Lu Zhixi last night. Some of them were so drained that they were unrecognizable, clearly beyond help.

Lu Zhixi sneered dismissively. With a single pat on the bed, the two men, drained of their fundamental essence, fell off.

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