Chapter 1593: The Arrest

Chapter 1593: The Arrest

The other men woke up and looked at Lu Zhixi obsessively, longing for her.

They were so spaced out that they didn’t even notice that a few of the guys beside them had disappeared.

Obviously, these people had lost their minds entirely because of Lu Zhixi’s charm.

Lu Zhixi circulated the spiritual power in her body. I have reached the peak of the Gold Core Stage. I just need to absorb the fundamental essence of a few more individuals to progress to the Nascent Soul Stage.

There was a hideous smile on her face. All she needed now was time.

I just need more time, and I can take control of everyone in Miracle Healer Academy. Xi Yue is a nobody. Even Nangong Yu will be my servant.

At that thought, Lu Zhixi embraced the man approaching her, preparing to absorb his fundamental essence.

Suddenly, a loud rumble came from the barrier outside the courtyard.

Immediately afterward, uniform footsteps stormed into the courtyard of the Heaven Dormitory.

A chilling voice echoed from the shadows, “Lu Zhixi, Hu Jianfei, Zhang Chongwen, the dean’s Disciplinary Department has ordered us to bring you in immediately to investigate the incident of framing Xi Yue that day. Any resistance will be met with lethal force!”

That voice alerted everyone who was still immersed in pleasure in the room.

Lu Zhixi’s face was filled with panic. She exclaimed, “They’ve figured me out? How? How did they find out so soon? This can’t be right!'”

Hu Jianfei was already exhausted and thrown under the bed.

Zhang Chongwen, whose name was mentioned, had a gaunt face. His cultivation was greatly diminished, but he still gazed at Lu Zhixi obsessively and said, “Zhixi, we will protect you!”

“That’s right. We will protect you even if it takes our life!”

Looking at the obsession in these people’s eyes, Lu Zhixi didn’t feel relieved at all but panicked even more.

How can this bunch of weaklings protect me? I’m surrounded by Nascent Soul Stage masters.

Asshole! I will surely attain the Nascent Soul Stage if I have more time. Then, I can break through the barrier of Miracle Healer Academy.

Am I going to be captured just like that by Nangong Yu?

Lu Zhixi recalled Nangong Yu’s ruthlessness. There was no hesitation when he killed Nangong Xin.

Lu Zhixi shook her head in panic, shouting, “No! No! I don’t want to be taken away. Get out there and stop them! Do whatever it takes, just keep them away!'”

The men bewitched by Lu Zhixi didn’t have the slightest fear or hesitation when they heard those words. They ran out without even putting on their clothes.

Outside, the sounds of fighting and the screams of Lu Zhixi’s “toy boys” echoed.

Lu Zhixi hastily put on some clothes and escaped through the window beside her.

“Lu Zhixi is here—!”

Lu Zhixi had only taken a few steps when a stern shout echoed from behind her.

She turned pale with fright, wanting to exert her spiritual power to escape. However, the courtyard was sealed, and she couldn’t fly away.

More and more footsteps rushed toward her. Lu Zhixi was so frightened that she was trembling all over.

It’s over. I can’t escape. There’s no way out of here.

Suddenly, a cold hand grabbed her. A low and hoarse voice rang in her ears, “Follow me!”

Lu Zhixi was startled. She immediately recognized the person, “Cai Yu!”

Surprised and delighted, she grabbed Cai Yu’s wrist as if holding the last straw of hope, “Cai Yu, save me, you must save me!”

Cai Yu threw a strange pill in his hand. As it fell to the ground, it exploded with a bang, emitting a dazzling white light.

The pursuers were blinded, halting their movements. Seizing the moment, Cai Yu grabbed Lu Zhixi, and they escaped together.

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