Chapter 1594: Exploit

Chapter 1594: Exploit

In a remote and cold corner of Miracle Healer Academy.

Lu Zhixi looked disheveled. She hid tremblingly in the shadows, looking out occasionally like a startled bird.

“Don’t worry. We’ve temporarily escaped our pursuers. However, Iron Kirins are searching everywhere in Miracle Healer Academy. We won’t be able to hide for long.” Cai Yu’s steady voice came from behind.

Lu Zhixi panicked, grabbed Cai Yu’s hand, and said tremblingly, “Cai Yu, you must save me. You’re the only one I can rely on now.”

Her face was pale with fright as she spoke, but her eyes shone brightly as if she had turned into a whirlpool that could suck people in.

Cai Yu sneered from the bottom of his heart. You’re still trying to bewitch me at this time.

However, he revealed a distressed and loyal expression, “Zhixi, don’t worry. I will protect you.”

Lu Zhixi didn’t suspect Cai Yu because she was used to the “toy boys” obeying her.

The lower their cultivation level and the more intimate encounters they had with her, the harder it was for them to escape her control.

Although Cai Yu didn’t have sex with him, his low level of cultivation combined with his previous infatuation meant he would head over heels for her.

Lu Zhixi took a breath before asking, “Why? How did they find out about me so quickly?”

Cai Yu said gravely, “Everyone who was part of setting up the Seven Stars Trapping Formation, except Hu Jianfei and Zhang Chongwen, were arrested. I watched them get tortured. Wang Junfeng broke under the pressure and spilled everything.”

“Because of my connection with Zhang and the others, I tricked the guards and sneaked out.”

Lu Zhixi didn’t doubt Cai Yu’s escape but immediately exclaimed, “Impossible! How could he confess so easily? He fell for me…”

Lu Zhixi didn’t finish her sentence, agitatedly scratching the corner of the wall. Her disbelief transformed into anger under Cai Yu’s steadfast gaze, “Useless trash! Wang Junfeng, that useless fool! I can’t believe I let him join in on the Seven Stars Trapping Formation.”

“He betrayed me so easily. I should have killed them earlier! Kill all of them!”

After letting out a low growl for some time, the noise drew the attention of the patrolling Iron Kirin soldiers. Startled, Lu Zhixi quickly ducked back into the corner.

She grabbed Cai Yu’s hand and cried softly, “Cai Yu, the only one I can trust now is you. You must help me!”

“How do you want me to help you?”

After a brief pause, a light sparked in Lu Zhixi’s eyes. “That’s it! You divert their attention, and I’ll slip out of the Miracle Healer Academy. Perfect!”

Cai Yu gave her a cold, unrelenting stare, making Lu Zhixi feel deeply uneasy.

He said indifferently, “The Miracle Healer Academy’s barrier is already in place. Even if I lure them away, you can’t escape without a special inscribed jade slip.”

“What am I supposed to do?” Lu Zhixi cried in fear, “Am I just meant to sit here and wait for my doom? No way can I get caught by Nangong Yu. He’d tear me apart… Cai Yu, can you try to get that inscribed jade slip for me?”

A brief smirk of sarcasm crossed Cai Yu’s eyes, but he answered soothingly, “Zhixi, don’t worry. I might not have the inscribed jade slip to get out of the Miracle Healer Academy, but I did get my hands on the inscribed teleportation jade slip to Sun Moon Mountain Range. We can escape to the Sun Moon Mountain Range first, lay low for a bit, and return when the coast is clear.”

“Sun Moon Mountain Range?” Lu Zhixi murmured, her face reflecting a mix of emotions.

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