Chapter 1595: Petty

Chapter 1595: Petty

Sun Moon Mountain Range is dangerous. Every corner of the mountain range is filled with magical beasts, offering no sanctuary for a peaceful rest. If it’s just the two of us venturing into that place, it’s too dangerous.

However, Sun Moon Mountain Range might just be the safest bet. With its vast expanse, surely I wouldn’t be so easily found within its confines.

Thinking of this, Lu Zhixi grabbed Cai Yu’s hand and excitedly said, “Okay! Great! Let’s go to Sun Moon Mountain Range!”

In the Heaven No. 1 Dormitory where Lu Zhixi lived, a gap had formed where her bed used to be, uncovering a hidden cellar below.

Beast roars could be heard intermittently from the cellar below. Dean Li Chengqun of the Heaven Medical Branch waved his hand. In no time, numerous things floated up from the depths.

It took Li Chengqun some time to recognize them through their clothes and accessories. They were two of the Heaven Medical Branch’s brightest students who had reached the Gold Core Stage at a young age.

“Lu Zhixi!” Li Chengqun exclaimed angrily, “She really did this to my students? I won’t let her get away with it!”

Zeng Shouyue furrowed his brows and said, “It looks like Lu Zhixi has absorbed their fundamental essence and cultivation. No wonder there’s a rumor that Lu Zhixi has advanced from the middle stage to the late stage of the Gold Core Stage overnight. “

Li Chengqun angrily waved his hand and commanded, “Search! Search every nook and cranny! Even if we have to turn the entire Miracle Healer Academy upside down, we must find that witch! I won’t let that woman who has harmed our academy get away!”

The elders of the Miracle Healer Academy and the members of the Academy Student Council took action and joined the Iron Kirin to search for Lu Zhixi.

From a distance, Hexi watched the furious Li Chengqun and Zeng Shouyue. She suddenly glanced at the man beside him and said teasingly, “Didn’t you already know where Lu Zhixi’s was? Why did you let Iron Kirin put on a show, searching high and low?”

Nangong Yu leaned down to kiss her, smiling calmly, “That woman has tried repeatedly to harm you with vicious schemes. If I let her die easily, wouldn’t that be letting her off too lightly?”

“I’ve heard she always used to have the upper hand, driving others into a corner. Well, this time, let her taste the bitterness of being abandoned by everyone and being chased like a rat on the street.”

Hexi chuckled, “So, you also knew that these Miracle Healer Academy students would become Lu Zhixi’s [fodder]?”

Even though it was a question, she said it in confidence.

Especially when Nangong Yu had already identified Lu Zhixi as the prime suspect, how could he not keep an eye on her cultivation and movements?

Nangong Yu smiled. A dark gleam appeared in his eyes, “Isn’t it more interesting to give her hope and then snatch it away, rather than sending her straight to hell?”

He can be pretty petty…

Hexi chuckled and playfully poked Nangong Yu’s hand, “Alright, okay, Your Royal Highness King of Hell. So, where are we going next to watch the show?”

Nangong Yu grabbed her hand, kissed it, and smiled, “Xi’er, you will find out if you come with me.”

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