Chapter 1596: Temptation

Chapter 1596: Temptation

Night had fully descended over the Sun Moon Mountain Range.

The chilly wind blew briskly, accompanied by the rustling of leaves and the distant roars of magical beasts.

Lu Zhixi, wrapped in the clothes she took out from her storage ring, looked around vigilantly.

It was the low-level magical beast area of ​​the Sun Moon Mountain Range, home to only the 3rd and 4th-rank magical beasts. It should not pose any danger to Lu Zhixi.

However, whenever she heard the magical beast’s roar, she would shudder.

Cai Yu walked into the cave. He brushed off the dust from his clothes, “I haven’t found any pursuers yet. You should eat something and rest for a while.”

Lu Zhixi did not accept the spiritual fruit in Cai Yu’s hand. Instead, she pulled on his clothes and wrapped an arm around his neck, asking, “Cai Yu, do you like me?”

The enchanting voice was gentle and charming, with deep temptation.

Lu Zhixi had already made up her mind. What’s the use of Cai Yu staying by my side? His hand is crippled, rendering him unable to wield his sword. Instead of keeping him around, it’s better to take away his fundamental essence.

Maybe I will attain the Nascent Soul Stage this time.

Once I reach the Nascent Soul Stage, the magical beasts in the Sun Moon Mountain Range are no match for me. My escape from the pursuers will be guaranteed, too.

Thinking of this, Lu Zhixi’s voice became softer, “Cai Yu, you have helped me so much. I don’t know how to repay you, so I can only dedicate myself to you.”

Cai Yu’s eyes were deep, and a fleeting smirk came across his face.

However, he showed a fascinated expression, grabbing Lu Zhixi’s hand and handing the spiritual fruit to her, “Zhixi, you should eat the spiritual fruit first. I picked it for you.”

Lu Zhixi was impatient but still swallowed the fruit quickly.

Following that, she felt her body growing increasingly warm. Hallucination appeared before her eyes.

It was as if the man holding her was not Cai Yu but the Nangong Yu she longed for.

Lu Zhixi chuckled, “Nangong Yu, I knew it! I knew you liked me! Compared to me, Xi Yue is nothing, hahaha…

After a while, the person before her turned into Qishan in the Soul Splitting Stage.

“Ugly bastard, if it weren’t for your cultivation, I wouldn’t want a toad like you to touch me.”

Hahaha, but your fundamental essence is all mine!”

Lu Zhixi hugged the person before her and clung to him frantically, tearing his clothes with both hands without stopping.

Early the following day, Lu Zhixi woke up to a sharp, stinging pain all over her body.

She groaned in pain. Upon opening her eyes, she realized that she was still in the cave.

Her clothes were tattered and barely covered her. Her body had numerous minor scrapes as if she’d been rubbed against rough stones.

Lu Zhixi glanced to the side. She quickly spotted a withered, mummified corpse. Its original appearance was utterly unrecognizable. Next to the mummy lay the clothes that Cai Yu wore yesterday.

Lu Zhixi stood up and kicked the mummy aside, her eyes full of disgust.

When she discovered that her cultivation was still at the Gold Core Stage and hadn’t advanced to the Nascent Soul Stage, she stepped on the mummy and grunted, “Useless trash. I have absorbed your cultivation fully until you’re a dried corpse, but I haven’t attained the Nascent Soul Stage. You’re so useless!”

Lu Zhixi took out another piece of clothing from the storage ring. Then, she treated her wounds with spiritual power before leaving.

She felt that this place was too close to the teleportation array. If the pursuers came after her, she would be found immediately. She wanted to go to the area with higher-rank magical beasts.

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