Chapter 1597: Illusion Array

Chapter 1597: Illusion Array

Lu Zhixi darted through the forest and mountains until she was nearly drained of her spiritual energy. Finally, she settled in a spot that seemed relatively safe.

“I should have entered the 5th and 6th rank magical beast area.”

Lu Zhixi found a cave. She planned to rest here tonight. After entering the high-rank magical beast area, it would take a lot of work to find her.

However, as soon as she entered the cave, Lu Zhixi’s figure froze. Her wide eyes radiated a look of disbelief and horror.

So, what did she see in the cave?

It was the same rocks and the ashes of the grass pile from yesterday.

Even Cai Yu’s mummified corpse was in the same spot.

Ah!” Lu Zhixi screamed in horror. She dashed out of the cave as if fleeing for her life, plunging into the darkness.

Half an hour later, Lu Zhixi saw the familiar cave again.

She had been flying at full speed, pushing herself to the limit.

It can’t be. It’s impossible to return to this place! Impossible!

Lu Zhixi trembled and slowly walked into the cave, only to once again see the mummified corpse of Cai Yu.

She had a total breakdown!

“Cai Yu, is this your doing? Is it you playing tricks? Show yourself! Come out!”

The cave was empty. Only her shrill voice echoed.

*Sob*, Cai Yu, I was wrong. I’m sorry. Please spare me!”

Lu Zhixi threw herself on the ground and cried loudly, then fell asleep exhausted.

When she woke up again, she found her situation had not improved. In fact, it had become even more dire.

Lu Zhixi realized that she could not exert her spiritual power. Her storage ring wasn’t functioning. All the food, magic weapons, and clothes could not be taken out.

“No! No! I won’t die like this!” Lu Zhixi shook her head frantically. She then rushed out of the cave.

Someone must be plotting against me. I must have fallen into some illusion.

That’s right. Everything will be fine after I exit the illusion array.

I will not die. I will never give up so easily!

Despite the distance, Hexi and the others could see Lu Zhixi’s situation clearly on the high hill.

Qian Dazhuang, who was standing behind Hexi, said, “How many days has she been like this?”

“It must have been quite some days.” Qing Luan chuckled, “But she’s impressively resilient. Ordinary people would have gone crazy long ago.”

Jin Zeyu said lightly, “How can a woman who is so cruel and vicious be an ordinary person?”

“It’s been a whole half month. Most people would’ve broken down or even ended their lives in such a dire situation. Yet she didn’t just survive. She didn’t hesitate to seduce any man she encountered in the illusion, wanting to drain them dry. A woman like that would go to any lengths, no matter how wicked, to achieve her goals.”

It seemed half a month had passed.

Meanwhile, Lu Zhixi almost lost her sanity in the Seven Death Illusion Array.

She could never get out of that cave, nor could she find food or water.

Every time she walked back to the cave, she would see the mummified corpse, as if reminding her that she was still living in hell and couldn’t break free.

Compared with the dead “Cai Yu”, her situation was even more miserable.

In the illusion array, Lu Zhixi was starving to the point of hallucinating delicious food and spiritual fruits.

Dressed in tattered clothes, with disheveled hair full of knots and dust, she drooled incessantly, pleading, “Food. Give me food. I need water, hahaha…

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