Chapter 1600: Wait Another Few Days

Chapter 1600: Wait Another Few Days

Only now did Zhang Chong realize that Cai Yu had returned to Lu Zhixi’s side to seek revenge.

That’s right! Brother Cai used to be such an upright, decisive, and capable person, so how could he be a fool controlled by lust?

Zhang Chong wished he could do something to compensate Cai Yu.

Zhang Chong suddenly thought of something, turned around to look at Hexi, and asked hopefully, “Xi Yue, can Cai Yu’s hand be healed?”

Hexi said calmly, “The atrophy of the meridians in the hand isn’t incurable; it can naturally be cured. However, it takes a long time, with gradual treatment and an extended period of rehabilitation. Even after healing, it will remain fragile; any attack may cause the meridians to tear open. However, choosing the profession of refining equipment shouldn’t be an issue…”

Zhang Chongyue’s eyes brightened with every word he heard. By the end, he rushed to Hexi, pleading, “Xi Yue, please heal Brother Cai’s hand. I’ll repay you however you want, even if it means working as a slave for you!”

Hexi was about to speak, but Nangong Yu grabbed her shoulders and sneered, “Forget about it. Xi Yue will not be free for the coming months.”

As Nangong Yu said that, he was about to shoo them away.

Hexi was amused. She threw a porcelain bottle to Cai Yu, “For now, take these meridian cleansing pills for a while, and you will gradually see improvement. Later, find me in Jin Ling Kingdom. I’ll provide a complete treatment to you..”

Cai Yu caught the pills. His usually calm face slowly crumbled, and his eyes began to well up with tears.

He tightly clutched the pills in his hand. Although weak, a surge of boundless hope welled up within him.

He owed Xi Yue so much. One day, I would repay her for everything. I definitely would!

The person who framed Xi Yue at that wedding banquet was ultimately traced back to Lu Zhixi. This served as a way for the Old Lady Nangong to make amends to Xi Yue.

Lu Zhixi died, and the ordeal finally came to an end.

Old Lady Nangong took Nangong Yu’s hand and said, “I’m happy for you to have found the love of your life. I’ll be returning to Siam Continent now, but when you get married, I’ll come to attend your wedding.”

Standing behind Old Lady Nangong, Nangong Hua sneered and said coldly, “It’s just marrying a woman from the lower realm. What’s the point of participating? It’s a disgrace to our Nangong Family!”

Oh, it’s just nice you don’t want to attend. I never planned to invite you to my wedding either!”


Nangong Yu was puzzled but still nodded.

Standing not far away, Xuan Wu watched Old Lady Nangong leave the Miracle Healer Academy. His brows were furrowed, seemingly having his mind burdened by thoughts.

Seeing his attitude, Qing Long asked in bafflement, “Xuan Wu, what’s wrong?”

Xuan Wu opened his mouth, wanted to say something, but swallowed the words back.

After all, Old Lady Nangong is the master’s relative, the only grandmother the master respected.If I only have suspicions without evidence, I shouldn’t make baseless accusations, right?

Thinking of this, Xuan Wu shook his head and said, “Nothing. Should we prepare to return to the Jin Ling Kingdom? After all, the master’s wedding is around the corner.”

However, Qing Long clicked his tongue. He coughed lightly, “Perhaps we might need to wait another few days.”

“Why the wait? Doesn’t the master always talk about bringing the princess home?”

“You… you’ll find out soon.”

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