Chapter 1601: Dating

Chapter 1601: Dating

As soon as Hexi stepped out of the library, Qing Luan greeted her with a mischievous grin.

“Miss, this is a letter from Master.” Qing Luan handed out the inscribed jade slip in her hand and winked at Hexi.

Hexi took the inscribed jade slip suspiciously and inspected it through Divine Sense.

The written content was straightforward. It was a simple map. Someone wrote flamboyantly at a spot on the map: Xi’er, I will wait for you here, see you soon.

Hexi felt puzzled. Just as she was going to ask Qing Luan about the letter, Qing Luan dashed off with a giggle.

She shook her head helplessly and smiled. Nangong Yu, what are you up to?

It was nearing dusk, the sun slowly setting, and the sky growing darker.

When Hexi arrived at the valley marked on the map, the valley seemed to be bathed in a layer of golden orange glow, looking serene and breathtakingly beautiful.

The well-dressed Nangong Yu stood at the valley’s entrance, greeting Hexi with a gentle smile.

The scene enchanted Hexi. A flash of fleeting pleasant surprise shone in her eyes.

She had always known that her man was handsome and outstanding. However, under the complement of the sunset, she truly saw just how remarkable and irresistibly charming he was.

Her heart raced as if it might leap out of her chest. A rush of warmth surged through her. She blushed, wanting to throw herself into his arms immediately.

Despite that, Hexi only smiled playfully and asked, “Nangong Yu, what are you doing?”

Nangong Yu’s eyes were tender and affectionate, gazing deeply into hers. His magnetic voice echoed softly in the twilight, “Xi’er, we’ve known each other for a year. From the moment we met and fell in love to the verge of our wedding, I realized I’ve never truly dated or given you any romantic surprises. I’ve been remiss as a boyfriend.”

Hexi was both surprised and amused, “Who taught you these? It must be that naughty Little Egg, right?”

Otherwise, how would Nangong Yu, a man from ancient times, know about modern concepts like dating, a romantic surprise, and even call himself a boyfriend?

In the void, Little Egg grimaced at the outside world and then exchanged glances with the other little creatures. With a flash, they all disappeared into the void. Even Xiao Chi had left.

Although Hexi noticed it, she thought they wanted to play in the valley, so she didn’t bother.

Nangong Yu reached out his hand and whispered, “Xi’er, would you like to go on a date with me?”

Hexi smiled brightly, her eyes radiating a gentle and sweet warmth. Her delicate hand reached into Nangong Yu’s palm, saying, “I would be honored.”

His broad palm enveloped her slender hand, and their fingers intertwined tightly.

The light in Nangong Yu’s eyes shone like stars in the night sky, holding the girl’s hand. It was as if he owned the whole world.

The two did not speak and strolled quietly in the valley.

As night gradually fell, bringing with it a slight chill. However, the lovebirds remained utterly oblivious to it.

Nangong Yu stopped when they arrived at a lake.

There were no stars or clouds tonight. The lake appeared pitch-black, emitting a cold, eerie glow. Anyone who accidentally stumbled upon this place might find it creepy and terrifying.

However, martial artists with advanced cultivation, like Hexi, naturally were unfazed.

She was only curious about what Nangong Yu wanted to do when he brought her here.

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