Chapter 307 – Rare Treasure

Chapter 307 – Rare Treasure

“Big Brother–!” It was at this time that Feng Lian Ying finally returned to her senses and she rushed over to support Feng Yunjing, but her hatred-filled gaze locked onto Nangong Yu. “Brother Yu, how could you be so heartless! For such a lowly person you even disregarded the kindness my Feng family has shown towards you?!”

‘Shing–!’ Once again unsheathing the sword, it was then pointed straight at Feng Lian Ying.

The gleaming cold tip of the sword was less than a centimetre away from her throat and had even managed to cut the delicate skin, resulting in a subtle amount of pain.

A corner of Nangong Yu’s mouth raised and he slowly said, “If it were not because of the kindness the Feng family had shown me, you all would’ve died in this white fog long ago! Even your bones would no longer exist!”

Feng Lian Ying still wanted to say something more, but when her eyes met with Nangong Yu’s dark and piercing ones, her breath suddenly caught in her throat. With her face becoming pale, she was momentarily unable to utter a single word.

All the disciples of the Liu Li sect rushed over, worried about the condition of Feng Yunjing’s injury.

Feng Yunjing pushed them all away, his fathomless black eyes examining the wound on his chest.

But when he raised his head once again, his face held no trace of ruthlessness, only calmness. “Nangong Yu, is that person really that important to you?”

Nangong Yu slowly walked back to stand beside Hexi, and reaching out his hand; he gently kneaded her small hand. It wasn’t until Hexi had ignored him by flinging his hand away that he’d coldly looked at Feng Yunjing, and faintly said, “Xi’er is my treasure; a rare treasure that no one is allowed to covet or touch. What do you think…is he important or not?”

Hexi couldn’t help rub at the goosebumps that had raised on her arms when she heard that. When had this guy learned to speak so disgustingly?!

However, she didn’t realise that a corner of her mouth had lifted into a shallow curve.

Feng Yunjing’s gaze swept over Hexi’s face, his eyes burning with anger and envy that quickly disappeared. His face was still without any trace of emotion. “Good! I can promise to let him off, as well as ignore your relationship with him for the time being. But, you have to let him use his Purple Abyss Vine to help us break the Major Cloud array.”

That said, Feng Yunjing looked towards Hexi and slowly said, “As long as you agree to help us break the Major Cloud array and enter the medicinal field, I promise that all disciples of my Liu Li sect will not make a move against you while we’re in the Sealed Dragon Domain. How about it?”

Feng Lian Ying couldn’t help but shriek, “Big Brother, why should we let him off–?!”

However, as Feng Yunjing’s sharp eyes glanced at her, Feng Lian Ying felt her voice tremble and she no longer dared to speak.

Hexi frowned as she mentally weighed the advantages and disadvantages of entering the medicinal field with these people.

Just at this moment, Gu Liufeng, Qing Long, Wu Yu, and the others rushed towards them. Once they saw that Hexi wasn’t hurt, Gu Liufeng immediately hurried forward and happily said, “Little Yue’er, it’s good that you’re alright!”

While saying that, his hand was reaching out to touch Hexi’s shoulder.

The next second, four piercingly cold eyes swept towards him, causing Gu Liufeng’s hand to freeze mid-air. He didn’t dare touch Hexi now.

Nangong Yu pulled Hexi into his arms as he glared at Gu Liufeng in warning, before he then bowed his head towards Hexi and said, “You should agree. Inside the medicinal field, if there’s anything that you want, I will help you to get it.”

Although Nangong Yu had confidence regarding his profound cultivation base, if the Liu Li sect really focused their attention on Hexi, then after they left the secret territory, Hexi would be in danger at every turn.

Hexi was slightly startled, but she immediately realised the outcome of the situation if she refused.

She turned to Feng Yunjing, and indifferently said, “Okay, I can help you to break the Major Cloud array, but we’ll be doing it my way!”

Feng Yunjing was surprised. “Your way?”