Chapter 258 – Don’t Touch Her With Your Dirty Hands

Chapter 258 – Don’t Touch Her With Your Dirty Hands

Upon hearing Hexi’s remark, rage flashed in her eyes first, before glistening teardrops welled in them. Pulling on Nangong Yu’s sleeve, it seemed as if she had suffered an enormous grievance as she bit her lip and said, “Young Master Xi and Young Master Gu’s relationship is really good. I’d heard that Gu Liufeng’s conduct was usually arrogant and unsociable, yet today you unexpectedly agreed with Young Master Xi to regard me an enemy; the friendship between the two of you is really enviable. However, since I’m considering giving Young Master Xi face, I won’t bother dealing with Gu Liufeng. You’d better go; quickly leave before Brother Yu gets angry. Rest assured, I will try my best to appease Brother Yu…”

Though she’d said it in a lovely and pitifully manner, provocativeness and bragging was visible in Feng Lian Ying’s eyes. As she looked at Hexi a coldness appeared in her eyes that quickly disappeared, and when she turned to look back at Nangong Yu, she acted gentle and kind-hearted.

Nie Jinchen was still supporting her on the side and his face had long become flushed due to anger. Having heard everything she was saying, he could feel his rage growing. “Nangong, don’t listen to Little Sister Lian Ying. She was too kind-hearted, and that made some people who’re unable to tell good from bad dare to have such ideas against her. Such vicious people like these, they shouldn’t be spared! Let them know how people end up when they commit an offence towards people they shouldn’t offend!”

Gu Liufeng clicked his tongue in praise, and putting a hand on Hexi’s shoulder, he sighed, “I’ve seen shameless people, but I’ve never before seen one so shameless. I never would’ve thought that the famous Hell King would actually fancy such a disgusting woman. Really, seeing it for yourself is a hundred times better than hearing it from someone else.”

“Little Yue’er, I think it’s better that we don’t get involved with this bunch of insane people, they’re so shameless that it’s unbearable to watch. Since we aren’t their match in strength, we might as well take this opportunity to run~”

Having said that, Gu Liufeng leaned close to Hexi’s ear to seemingly tease her, and whispered, “In a moment I’ll count to three. You take Yan’an behind me and hide, we only have one chance to escape.”

Hexi nodded, but when she raised her head she met with Nangong Yu’s burning gaze, causing her chest to feel like it was being crushed by a heavy stone.

Suddenly, Nangong Yu walked towards her with large steps. And because Feng Lian Ying was still latching onto his sleeve, she ended up stumbling due to his abrupt movement.

She watched Nangong Yu’s back in disbelief as he left with quick strides, and she immediately shouted loudly, “Brother Yu!”

However, Nangong Yu’s pace didn’t pause in the slightest; it even seemed as though he didn’t hear her.

Seeing Nangong Yu walk towards them, Gu Liufeng’s face became grave. So leaning closer to Hexi’s ear once more, he went to whisper to her.

All of a sudden, lightning appeared out of the blue to fiercely strike Gu Liufeng’s arm.

Staggering a step backwards, he uttered a muffled groan. The arm that had been struck by lightning now a bloody sight to behold.

Nangong Yu glared at him with a ruthless and blood-thirsty gaze, his voice dark and cold as he spat out from between his teeth and lips, “I said, don’t touch her with your dirty hands!!”

Gu Liufeng was startled, but before he could react Hexi had already grabbed his injured arm, quickly spilling a silvery white medicinal powder onto the wound.

In the blink of an eye, that bloody wound rapidly stopped bleeding and healed. Following that, in such a short moment, it had already become a scab.

Hexi heaved a sigh of relief, and asked him in a somewhat concerned voice, “Are you okay?”

Just as those words left her mouth, she felt something tightly wrap around her waist. But before she could realise what was happening, her body soared into the air to land in a warm embrace.

When she raised her head, her eyes met with Nangong Yu’s bloodshot eyes.