Chapter 460 Grand Master Level?

When the man had originally hired them, he once said that Sheng De Hall’s supply of pills has already been cut off. In the end, the hall would become deserted and hard to maintain. All they needed to do was open Ji Sheng Hall and properly run it and Sheng De Hall would be destroyed within a day.

This person named Doctor Chang was named Chang Sheng. He was actually a fourth rank doctor and was that gray clothed male’s trusted confidant.

This Ji Sheng Hall was actually under Doctor Chang’s name, so he could be considered as half of their Master. Now that Ji Sheng Hall was so dismal, how could Doctor Gu not be terrified?

Doctor Chang wrinkled his brows and confusion flitted past his eyes, “Do you know who Sheng De Hall’s new Master is?”

Terrified, Doctor Gu shook his head and said, “I don’t know, but I did send some of our hall’s little manservants to nose around Sheng De Hall. According to the information we’ve received, Sheng De Hall’s Master should have a large influence.”


Doctor Gu choked on his saliva before replying, “Sheng De Hall’s four inner hall guards all wear clothes and possess weapons that are fourth rank. If the Master doesn’t have a large influence, where would the big hand come from?”

“Not only that, but I heard that a few days ago, when someone tried to create a disturbance, a Gold Core stage martial artist and a Nascent Soul stage martial artist, that nobody knows where Sheng De Hall found them from, came out to suppress the person. When that deep spiritual force started pressed down, everyone immediately no longer dared to budge.”

Doctor Chang’s eyebrows were already creased as his face fluctuated between emotions, “Has anyone looked into the identity of the refining pharmacist?”

“No.” Doctor Gu shook his head and continued, “But the refining pharmacist is reportedly exceptionally strong. Currently, they’re selling first and second ranked pills. In the future, they’ll sell third and even fourth ranked pills. If they are truly able to refine fourth ranked best quality pills, then… Then wouldn’t they, at the very least, be at Grand Master level?”

The ranks of refining pharmacists and doctors were completely different. The main divisions were: Entrance level, Learners level, Pre-Master level, Master level, Grand Master level, Heaven’s Master level, Pre-Ancestor level, and Sacred Ancestor level.

But on Miluo Continent, there were few who could achieve Master level as refining pharmacists, there were even fewer Grand Master Refining Pharmacists. If the person refining these best quality pills was truly a Grand Master Refining Pharmacist, the situation would become serious.

Doctor Chang’s expression turned unsightly as he incoherently muttered to himself. After a while had passed, he finally clenched his teeth and said, “Have you guys bought that best quality pill? Take it out so I can have a look.”

“We haven’t. Doctor Chang, you’ve* seen with your* own eyes how long the line is. We wouldn’t even be able to fight for it, ah!”

Doctor Tang** unhesitatingly said this, and looked down, but nobody saw the flickering light in his eyes when he did so.

He would be dumb to hand over the best quality pill he had to Doctor Chang. That pill was what he had fought others for when Sheng De Hall had initially began to sell those pills, before anyone had started lining up.

He still wished to use this best quality pill to advance in rank!

Doctor Chang suddenly became furious and angrily yelled at the surrounding waiters and little manservants, “Rubbish! You’re still not going to line up and buy it for me!”

Ji Sheng Hall’s originally lazy little manservants and waiters were shocked silly by the sudden yelling and all ran out to go buy some pills.

But when they looked at the unending line. If they lined up now, would there still be time for them to buy pills?

Doctor Chang’s face was ashen as he coldly looked at Sheng De Hall, which was sitting right across from Ji Sheng Hall.

Best quality pills… He hadn’t expected that the Master Refining Pharmacist that caused such a sensation in the black market would actually work together with Sheng De Hall.

Originally, Sheng De Hall had already been suppressed by them, it was like an arrow at the end of its flight, but nowadays…

But right now, the most important thing wasn’t Sheng De Hall anymore, it was the identity of that refining pharmacist.

*He’s saying you respectfully

**Honestly not sure where this Doctor Tang came from, perhaps the author meant Doctor Gu?