Chapter 358 Returning Home

The more Gu Liufeng imagined Hexi as a woman, the more his heart swayed and the face behind his mask was flushed.

But quickly, he came back and saw Hexi’s concentrated expression as she used a needle on Gu Yidao.

The gentleness in his heart scattered and made way for appreciation and respect.

Xi Yue was clearly a male. Furthermore, he was a highly skilled genius doctor and he was his close friend. How could he (Gu Liufeng) think of him (Hexi/Xi Yue) with such thoughts?

Gu Liufeng suddenly felt ashamed. Lowering his head, he didn’t dare to look at Hexi face to face.

Zhou Yan’an thought this his family’s master was too embarrassed to ask Hexi, but at this moment, he couldn’t deal with that. Walking two steps forward, he asked, “Xi gongzi, that day, when we were inside Zijin Palace Hall, you asked why we would risk our lives to save you.”

Hexi nodded her head. “You want to ask me to save Gu Liufeng’s mother?”

“Precisely!” Hearing what was said, Zhou Yan’an felt overjoyed at the good news.” At once, he asked, “My family’s master’s mother has been bed-ridden for many years. No matter how many genius doctors we invited, it was no help. We’re asking Genius Doctor Xi to help now.”

“If you want me to save people, that’s fine.” Hexi nodded her head without hesitation. “But I’m also not some God, I can’t possibly cure every single sickness. Additionally, I have some matters to settle these few days. Wait a bit, I’ll go to Sheng De Hall to look for you. At that time, you can go bring me to look at the patient!”

At first, Zhou Yan’an’s face seemed to be staring blankly. Following that, his eyes turned red. ‘Pu tong‘ sounded as he kneeled down on the floor. “I’ll bring my family’s master to thank Genius Doctor Xi, who granted us such a huge favor.”

Gu Liufeng cleared his hand and came over, he pulled the person up from the floor. Facing Hexi, he faintly smiled. “Xi Yue, I’ll wait for you!”

Saying this, he didn’t bother to linger anymore and without the slightest hesitation, he turned around and walked away.

But, nobody discovered the romantic love affair in his naturally charming pair of eyes. Now, a dedication and decisiveness settled in his eyes.

Although Xi Yue denied him, Gu Liufeng decided that if Xi Yue was truly able to save his mom, then his life would be Xi Yue’s.

For Xi Yue, he wouldn’t hesitate to go through water and tread on fire.

After sending Nangong Yu and Gu Liufeng, Hexi returned to the Secret Territory and activated the concealing array.

When Sealed Dragon Domain’s concealing array was active, even Nascent Soul stage martial artists wouldn’t be able to discover the Secret Territory’s location. Forget about trying to enter it.

From now on, Cang Mountain and Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory was now Hexi’s private property. She could open up a few locations inside the Secret Territory to use as a training ground for her family’s people.

If there was any danger, she could allow Wet Nurse Chen and the others to enter the Secret Territory. It really could be said that this was the perfect place to hide and to attack.

After finishing with her matters regarding the Secret Territory, Hexi no longer hesitated. She quickly flew towards Bie Courtyard.

At this moment, her heart gave birth to a sudden feeling of guilt. In front of her eyes, she could practically see Xiao Li’s lovable and silly smile, Wet Nurse Chen’s deeply concerned complexion, and her family’s peoples’ adoring and trust-filled eyes.

In her previous life, she was just a person. Regardless of how long she left for and no matter where she lived, she always returned to an empty house. She has never been able to call a place home.

But in this life, it’s different. Inside Bie Courtyard, there’s always people waiting for her, looking forward to her.

There will always be a room that’s lit up for her, providing her warmth. This is home.

With this time’s gains, she had confidence that Wet Nurse Chen and everyone else could become stronger. It would also be able to provide for good days ahead for them.