Chapter 808: Iron Kirin

Chapter 808: Iron Kirin

“You’d better not make your own claim, it will break the relationship between our Feng Family and King of Hell Mansion. If King of Hell put the blame on you, I’m afraid you can’t afford to bear it.”

Bai Hu was immediately upset.

Why are these arrogant guys boosting their ass!? They actually dare to say that my master has to bow to their Feng Family? Bow your ass! Just a mere Feng Family, you really think you are worthy of it!?

He brushed his shirt, and said with a half-smile, “Hehe, since you said so, I, Lord Bai, is determined to be nosy here!”

The people of King of Hell Mansion had endured these cowards of the Feng Family for a long time. Now that his master plan had been implemented, he finally didn’t have to endure it.

Since they deliver themselves to me, if I don’t give them a lesson, wouldn’t I suffer a loss?

As Bai Hu said, he immediately took the unconscious Shangguan Heng and took a step back, and he shouted, “Ah Wu, let’s go! I’ll let you handle this group of trash!”

Xuan Wu glanced at him coldly, then he waved his hand; the martial artists in darksteel armor rushed up behind him.

The man in black did not expect that the people of King of Hell Mansion would actually fight just like that. They couldn’t help but taking out their flying sword.

However, these martial artists in black, who seem to be wearing heavy armor, were faster and more powerful than they thought.

Especially, they were a team of people who cooperated with each other and had a tacit understanding.

Between their moves, there was even a profound formation.

Among the disciplines of the Feng Family, there was also a Gold Core Stage martial artist and two peak of the Meridians Stage martial artists. Although the others were not as powerful as the three leaders, they also had the Meridians Stage cultivation.

But at this time, when they met this group of martial artists who were also Meridians Stage, they actually couldn’t fight back.

In just a few moves, all of them were beheaded.

All their actions were so clean and neat; they were never sloppy. Their only objective was to kill the enemy.

This was the most elite army of King of Hell Mansion – Iron Kirin.

Don’t say that these were just a dozen Meridians Stage martial artists and an early stage of the Gold Core martial artists, even if they were facing a few Gold Core Stage experts, they could use formation and cooperation to slowly kill the Gold Core Stage experts to death.

Bai Hu patted Xuan Wu on the shoulder and couldn’t help but admire, “Ah Wu, Iron Kirin is getting better and better under your training! Tsk tsk, the Feng Family must have never imagined that our master will have such an army. In their mind, they thought that our King of Hell Mansion’s army is also consisted of ordinary soldiers like the Zhenwei Army, haha~”

Xuan Wu glanced at him coldly again, like he was looking at an idiot. After that, he turned and left.

The group of Iron Kirin who had just finished killing people immediately followed Xuan Wu back into the King of Hell Mansion, completely ignoring the existence of Bai Hu.

Bai Hu looked at the backs of Xuan Wu and the Iron Kirin team, and he couldn’t help but curl his lips in boredom, “Ah Wu is really getting boring!”

Afterward, he also picked up Shangguan Heng, who had fainted, and quickly followed up.

Tsk tsk, the cat-and-mouse game with the Feng Family has finally begun. I’m already feeling excited to think about it!

When Bai Hu brought Shangguan Heng to the flower hall of the King of Hell Mansion, Xuan Wu had already briefly reported what had just happened.

When Bai Hu came in, both Nangong Yu and Hexi’s eyes fell on Shangguan Heng.

Bai Hu quickly said, “This is the Sixth Prince Shangguan Heng.”