Chapter 809: A Small World

Chapter 809: A Small World

Hexi glanced at Shangguan Heng who had fainted, and he felt a bit familiar. When she searched her memory, she quickly remembered it.

Oh, it turns out to be the prince who followed the Zhu Family to propose marriage when I was recalled back to the Nalan Mansion for the first time.

From his appearance at the time, it seems that he has a good relationship with Ouyang Haoxuan.

But now it seems that his vitality is losing quickly, I’m afraid he can’t live for long.

Hexi stepped forward, took out a silver needle and stuck him a few times, and gave him a medicinal pill.

Shangguan Heng quickly woke up. Obviously, his aura now was much thicker than when he was just about to die.

Bai Hu believed that he had long been used to seeing his princess’ magical medical skills and methods. However, now that he saw it again, he still couldn’t help being shocked

He carried Shangguan Heng in himself, so he was clear about the serious injuries on Shangguan Heng.

He originally thought that his princess would at most wake the person up, ask him about the situation, and then let him die.

Who knows, she just made a few simple treatments, and she had brought Shangguan Heng from hell.

This… this is too terrifying right!

Even Xuan Wu, who had always been indifferent, couldn’t help showing a look of shock. He couldn’t help looking at Hexi frequently.

Hexi didn’t have time to take care of how surprised these two guys were. She awakened Shangguan Heng, and she immediately asked, “How many people have the Feng Family sent? What do they look like? What’s their cultivation level? Without the commander’s seal, how are they going to incorporate Zhenwei Army?”

Shangguan Heng hurriedly recounted his experience in the palace. Looking at the handsome face of Hexi’s disguise, his heart moved. He couldn’t help but say softly, “You… you are the master of the Shengde Hall, Miracle Healer Xi, Xi Yue?”

Hexi did not pay attention to him, but she fell into deep thought instead.

The gray clothe, the black cloak and the souls of the people who were killed were sucked away.

I think I probably know who the person is.

Hehe, it really is a small world!

Shangguan Heng saw her being silent, and he couldn’t help but kneel and kowtow vigorously on the ground, “His Royal Highness King of Hell, Miracle Healer Xi, the Feng Family members have invaded into the palace. I don’t know how my father will end up. Please… please save my Shangguan Family!”

Hexi frowned and said, “Where is the Zhenwei Army stationed? How far is it from Yanjing City?”

Shangguan Heng was a little lost looking at her; he didn’t understand why she asked this suddenly.

Instead, Xuan Wu stepped forward and said, “Reporting to prin… Young Master Xi, the Zhenwei Army stationed position is a bit far from the Yanjing City. It takes one night to reach even with flying sword because you have to bypass the magical beast forest to reach the western outskirts where the army is stationed.”

Hexi’s heart was moved. She looked at Xuan Wu, “What if we go through the magical beast forest?”

“… Two hours at most.” Xuan Wu was stunned before answering.

A smile appeared at the corner of Hexi’s mouth. She looked at Shangguan Heng and said lightly, “We can go to the palace to save your father and Shangguan Family, but I have one condition.”

“What conditions?”

“Zhenwei Army will no longer belong to the Jin Ling Kingdom from now on. No matter where the Zhenwei Army goes in the future, your Shangguan Family can no longer bother about it.”

After Shangguan Heng agreed to Hexi’s condition and went down to recover in a trance and fear, Hexi was about to set off to the palace.

She asked Ouyang Haoxuan, Bai Hu and Xuan Wu to take some Iron Kirin to bypass the magical beast forest and rush to the camp where the Zhenwei Army was located.