Chapter 63

Chapter 63 – Unexpected Guest

Hexi was amused at Dan Dan’s miserable and cute tone, so tearing off a rabbit leg, she brought it to her lips and ate a mouthful. Sure enough, the fragrance permeated throughout the meat, while it was tasty and tender…this is the taste fine food should really have!

Hexi sighed, then said to Dan Dan who was waiting impatiently, "I’ll give you the rest, so eat it, little glutton!"

"Wow! Mother is the best!" Dan Dan's golden light bounced incessantly a moment before it pounced towards the already well roasted Wind Spirit Rabbit. Even the hot flames didn’t remain as all it took was the blink of an eye, and the remaining rabbit was completely swallowed.


Dan Dan savoured eating the roasted Wind Spirit Rabbit, and having tasted it once, he longed to taste it again, pestering Hexi to make another for it to eat. Hexi tried her best to convince Dan Dan, using all sorts of means to promise that the next time she came, she would make even more delicious foods for Dan Dan. Only then was she able to get away from this little guy and leave her space.

Although her space had the ability to cleanse spiritual power, Hexi still felt tired from rushing around all day.

She let people prepare hot water for a bath, threw off her clothes, and when she felt the warm, soft and smooth hot water across her skin, she couldn't help but heave a long relaxed sigh.

Suddenly, Hexi's brows wrinkled, her heart faintly flashing a trace of intangible impatience. This feeling is similar to what she experienced when Qing Long was following her, unable to state the feeling clearly, yet making her restless and aware.

Someone is secretly approaching this room!

Hexi's heart shivered, and knowing that she had no time to put on clothes, nor wrap her chest to cover her body, she promptly made the decision to take out a fake human skin mask, quickly wearing it on her face.

In the blink of an eye, her originally exquisite snow white skin now became sallow. Her delicate and elegant facial features also became dark and swollen, making her look unsightly, completely restoring the original Nalan Hexi's appearance.

Barely finished with her disguise, Hexi sensed the stranger’s aura in the room. A pair of eyes secretly stared at her in the dark, that cold gaze filled with a hint of measurement.

"Which friend would ever visit in the dark of night? Sneaky and hidden in the corner, is it not shameful?"

Hexi's coldly mocking words were barely finished when a figure suddenly appeared in the shadow of candlelight.

It revealed a woman dressed in red, her complexion beautiful and alluring, yet as cold as ice. Her eyes exposed her contempt as they landed on Hexi's body, her face set in an expression of examination.

"Who do you think you are! How dare you speak to me like that!"

The woman's voice was pleasant to hear, however, the words that came out from her mouth were extremely arrogant and filled with loathing. Even more, as she stared at Hexi, it was like she was looking at a pile of powerless trash.

Her eyes roamed Hexi's face, then lowered to land on her petite body that was mostly obscured by the water, where bruises and scars were still visible. The ridicule in the woman's eyes became more pronounced, "As it turns out, it's just a shrivelled little girl, humph."

Hexi sneered, stretching out her hands, she placed them on the edge of the tub, indifferently saying, "I am a little girl, so of course I can't be compared with you, this beautiful and flirtatious aunt. But what's your business, visiting this late at night?"

The expression on the woman's face suddenly turned dark, her eyes emitting flames. She glared at Hexi as if she wanted to dismembered her body into thousand pieces.

She was only twenty years old, but this smelly girl actually dared to call her aunt! Even comparing her to a prostitute…she was simply asking for death!

"You court death—!" A sharp blade flashed in the red dressed woman's eyes, her body issuing an overwhelming power pressure.

Hexi felt a huge amount of pressure on her body, like her chest was slowly being covered with the weight of a thousand gold coins, the blood throughout her body flaring and violently surging up.

Her complexion suddenly turned pale, and leaning forward, she vomited a mouthful of blood with a 'wa' sound.

When the red dressed woman saw Hexi's pitiful appearance, her eyes quickly regained their previous coldness and contempt, and she sneeringly said, "Sure enough, you’re just trash without a drop of spiritual power. As trash you should be more self aware…."