Chapter 813: What Conditions

Chapter 813: What Conditions

But thinking of his son, Shangguan Wenji quickly asked while choking, “Mr. Xi, how is my son Shangguan Heng? Is he still alive?”

As soon as Shangguan Wenji said this, a beautiful woman beside him also showed anxious expression, staring at Hexi closely.

Hexi glanced at the woman and guessed that she should be th mother of Sixth Prince Concubine Zhu.

Just looking at the enchanting and charming look of the woman made it really difficult to connect with Zhu Yiqun and Zhu Zhongba.

Hexi nodded and said, “Don’t worry, Shangguan Heng is now in King of Hell Mansion. He is fine.”

Shangguan Wenji was overjoyed at once, but when he thought of what happened in Breaking Spirit Mountain, he was full of guilt and felt that he could not lift his head in front of this young man.

“Mr. Xi, I’m really sorry about the incident on Breaking Spirit Mountain. At first I wronged you. Later, I knew the truth. I knew that Rui’er was killed by Feng Lianying. However, due to the power of Feng Family, I dare not say anything… Our Shangguan Family treats you that way, I didn’t expect you to still come to save me today.”

Hexi interrupted him coldly, “You don’t have to apologize to me because there are conditions for me to save you. I have also negotiated this condition with your son Shangguan Heng.”

“Wh… what conditions?”

Hexi smiled slightly and said in a deep voice, “I want Zhenwei Army.”

“This… how can this be!” Shangguan Wenji exclaimed, but he immediately reacted. He shivered all over his body, then he said in a low voice, “Mr. Xi, I… I’m not greedy for Zhenwei Army, but this Zhenwei Army is the private army of the Ouyang Family. It cannot be mobilized without a commander’s seal. Moreover, Zhenwei Army is the only thing left by the Ouyang Family. I… I really hope that Ouyang Haoxuan will come back. This is the only thing I have left to compensate the Ouyang Family…”

Shangguan Wenji’s words eased Hexi’s expression a lot.

This old emperor doesn’t seem to be as cold-blooded and ruthless on the surface, and he is really full of guilt for Ouyang Family.

Hexi pursed her lips. She slowly took out a commander’s seal from her arm. She opened up her slender palm, and an ocher red beast shape commander’s seal was lying there.

“Ah -!” Shangguan Wenji exclaimed, “This is …… Isn’t this Zhenwei Army’s commander’s seal? Why is it in your hand?”

Hexi put away the commander’s seal and said faintly, “Before General Ouyang died, I happened to be by his side, and he handed over the commander’s seal to me. As for Ouyang Haoxuan… he has now rushed to the Zhenwei Army camp.”

“Ouyang Haoxuan is still alive?” Shangguan Wenji trembled with excitement. “He is really alive? Great! It’s so great!”

Shangguan Wenji only felt his heart that was eaten up by guilt could finally see the light again.

He looked at the Black Law Protector who was fighting with Nangong Yu, and his trembling children in the palace.

He bit his teeth and said with a trembled, “Okay, I’m willing to issue the imperial decree. As long as the person holding the commander’s seal receives the Zhenwei Army, and Ouyang Haoxuan is still alive, then the Zhenwei Army will no longer belong to the Jin Ling Kingdom; it no longer belongs to my Shangguan Family. But please Mr. Xi and King of Hell, save my Shangguan Family.”

Hexi smiled and said with a clear voice, “Okay, deal!”

After speaking, she walked to Shangguan Wenji’s side, held his intact hand, and slowly injected water spiritual power into him.