Chapter 318 – Kindly Remind Them

Chapter 318 – Kindly Remind Them

Of course, no one could enter the medicinal field. So after thinking for a minute, the martial artists all summoned tools such as whips, long ropes, and so on, to pull over those in the medicinal field.

After these people had pulled over those who were ill from the medicinal field, two or three more people would carry the ill to a cleared area. The whole time the martial artists were doing this, they were aiming flattering smiles towards Feng Lian Ying. Hexi couldn’t help raising a corner of her mouth and revealing a mysterious smile.

Suddenly, Nangong Yu leaned over to her ear, and softly whispered, “If there’s something funny then you better tell me; let your husband be happy too.”

Hexi glanced at him, too lazy to correct his stupid way of addressing himself, and chuckled, “Guess yourself!”

Nangong Yu reached out his hand to poke the tip of her nose, his tone full of affection as he said, “Cheeky! If I guess correctly, then what are you going to give me as a reward?”

Wanting another reward! This guy was having too much fun playing around with her; he’ll become addicted!

Hexi shoved his hand away, then unhappily said, “In your dreams!”

However, Nangong Yu abruptly leaned closer to her ear again, and with a quiet voice slowly said, “This King guesses that the poison will not only infect the ones entering the medicinal field but those who come into contact with the infected!”

Hearing that, Hexi couldn’t help laughing. She had absolutely no sympathy as she watched those enthusiastic martial artists try to curry favour with Feng Ling Ying. Instead, she smirked and said, “Yeah, I wonder if they’ll still praise Ice Lotus Fairy after they find out that they’ve also been poisoned!”

Nangong Yu saw the playful smile on the corners of Hexi’s mouth, the waves of light swirling in her eyes, and smelled her fragrance. Next, his eyes were drawn to her crafty smile; especially those pink and soft lips, with her pearly white teeth…

Nangong Yu could feel his heart swelling, so reaching out, he took her into his embrace. Then, using one of his wide sleeves to block everyone’s line of sight, he kissed her.

After a long while, Hexi fiercely pushed him away. Her soft pink lips were slightly red and swollen as she glared angrily at him, her eyes rippling with emotions.

“What are you doing when we’re in a public place?!”

Nangong Yu gently ran a finger across her long eyelashes, smiling as he said, “Haven’t I said it before? This King never makes a losing transaction. Rewards I’m owed must be claimed.”

Just before Hexi was about to get angry, Nangong Yu promptly changed the topic with a two-faced smile on his face. “What do you think, should we kindly remind them?”

Hexi was startled at the sudden change in topic and stared blankly at first; then her eyes swiftly swept over everyone from the Liu Li sect before she laughed. Nangong Yu was worse than her!

However, she rather liked such a personality very much.

Under Nangong Yu’s gaze, Wu Yu quickly started blabbering non-stop. He shouted at the group of people who were carrying the sick people, “Tsk tsk, that blackish blood is so disgusting. Since you’ve all touched it directly, aren’t you afraid your bodies will stink too?”

One of them following Feng Lian Ying’s instructions, and meticulously taking care of their clothes, immediately raised his head and answered back sarcastically, “Saving a life is more important than one’s belongings. Ice Lotus Fairy doesn’t hesitate to use her spiritual power and her precious medicinal pills to save them, but yet you actually still care about being dirty!”

“If you have a heart of stone like this when seeing those who are about to die, and have no inclination to save them; it’s simply not worth you living in this world!”

“Right, right! Those people don’t even deserve to carry Ice Lotus Fairy’s shoes!”

“You guys clearly don’t understand what a noble character is, and what it is to dedicate your life to a worthwhile cause!”

Voices continuously echoed throughout the medicinal field, making Hexi who heard it almost laugh.

If these people weren’t dressed in ancient attire, she would’ve thought that she’d returned to the assassin organisation of her past life.