Chapter 268 – I Would Rather Not

Chapter 268 – I Would Rather Not

After Hexi’s words left her mouth, Nangong Yu suddenly reached out his hand to pull her into his embrace.

In his eyes, there was a burning red light that hinted at countless suppressed emotions and patience; like a dam threatening to burst at any time.

“Xi’er, do you really think that I would ever harm you? Even if I had to choke myself, I still wouldn’t be willing to hurt even a strand of your hair. I said that I wouldn’t allow anyone to hurt you, and that includes myself!”

Hexi wanted to fiercely knock Nangong Yu’s hands away, however, while his health was obviously poorly, the strength he used to confine her was unbreakable. Even the wound on his arm that had already been bandaged began to unravel due to the strain he was exerting.

Hexi stopped struggling and grinding her teeth, she said, “You said that you won’t allow anyone to hurt me? But you used your hands against Gu Liufeng! Nangong Yu, you have to know, that if it wasn’t for him saving me, I would’ve died long ago by Feng Lian Ying’s hands. Haha, I was foolish; how could I have ever believed that your spotless, pure, and kind-hearted Little Sister Lian Ying would be so malicious as to attempt to kill me?”

The sharp redness in Nangong Yu’s eyes flashed, while his face showed the mixed expressions of coldness and distress. “Xi’er, I believe every word you’ve said.”

“You believe me and yet you still want to kill Gu Liufeng? Isn’t the reason you want to kill Gu Liufeng due to him injuring your Little Sister Lian Ying? If it was switched to me being the one who wanted to kill Feng Lian Ying, wouldn’t you even want to kill me?”

“Xi’er, do you have to be so dense?” Nangong Yu asked as he stared at her with a grief-filled expression.

Hexi was confused; what did that mean?

“I wanted to kill Gu Liufeng, not because of Feng Lian Ying, but because you were too close to him and ignored me. You healed him, yet you didn’t even look at me…and in order to save him, you opposed me without hesitation…”

Hexi raised her head to look at Nangong Yu, only to see that his head was turned to the side with an uncomfortable expression on his face. There was even an obvious blush colouring his ear.

So it wasn’t because Gu Liufeng had injured Feng Lian Ying, rather…it was because she and Gu Liufeng had been too close that Nangong Yu wanted to kill him?

What did that mean?

Don’t tell me…that the supremely dignified Hell King would unexpectedly admit such jealousy!

Under Hexi’s unfathomable gaze, Nangong Yu was somewhat embarrassed. Suddenly, his hands reached out to pull her into his embrace, then he fiercely said, “Xi’er, you’re mine! No one except me can touch you!”

“If I run into such a situation again in the future, even if you’re angry, I will still do it again!”

“I’ll never let off any man who dares attempt to make a move on you!”

Once he finished speaking, he bowed his head and using a slight amount of pressure, he bit down on her pink, tender lip, leaving red teeth marks.

Hexi cried out in pain and pushing him away, she angrily asked, “Nangong Yu, are you a dog?!”

Although Nangong Yu’s words were pleasing to hear, whenever she recalled the scene of Nangong Yu abandoning her to take care Feng Lian Ying, she felt extremely uncomfortable.

In Hexi’s heart, a deep scar still remained.

Without a doubt, in Nangong Yu’s heart, no matter how interested he was in her, there would still always be a place for Feng Lian Ying too.

Regardless of whether it was out an emotional bond, a sense of responsibility, or some other secret concern, the fact remained that Feng Lian Ying was special to Nangong Yu.

And she, Hexi, was bound to monopolise whichever man she fancied.

No one was allowed to covet him, and no one could snatch him away. If he had another person in his heart, then she’d rather not want him!

Hexi lowered her eyes and indifferently said, “Don’t you think you care too much? Your closeness with your Little Sister Lian Ying; I’m not asking anything about it am I? So why do you get to have a say in who I touch?”

Nangong Yu’s expression sank as if he wanted to get angry. Yet when he saw Hexi’s stubborn little face, he then sighed and said with a trace of resentment in his voice, “But Xi’er, isn’t this your responsibility?”