Chapter 518

"Low rank martial artists can cross the restriction barriers to challenge the high rank magical beast areas. However, the strengths of high rank martial artists will be greatly weakened by the array once they cross the restriction barrier into the low rank magical beast areas; they can't utilise one-tenth of their normal cultivation base."

"I can see that although you are only in the Foundation Establishment stage, your cultivation methods and experience are incomparable by ordinary martial artists. I believe that you will be able to find a way out even if the Feng Family lets hundreds of Foundation Establishment stage martial artists to attack you in the low rank magical beast areas."

He Xi suddenly came into realization that there were such arrays and restriction barriers at the highest peak of the Breaking Spirit Mountain; she wasn't very clear about that.

In this case, even if Ouyang Haoxuan wanted to come to her, his cultivation base would certainly be weakened.

Ouyang Haoxuan saw He Xi was looking at him. He smiled and said, "Genius Doctor Xi, don't worry. The Ouyang Family has a secret method handed down in the family from generation to generation, it can break all the restrictions and rules for a short period of time and allows us to fully utilise our strengths. Moreover, even if the cultivation base is weakened, it would be better for both of us to face the enemy rather than you alone, if you faced any danger."

"That's right! That's right!" Shen Qingchuo said immediately, "Young… Young Master Xi, don't listen to my uncle. If there were people besieging you… you must burn the charm to call me over. I… I will bring along a lot of senior and junior brothers sisters. If any scoundrel dare to besiege you, I… I will beat them until they kneel for mercy!"

At the sight of the sincere expressions of Ouyang Haoxuan and Shen Qingchuo, He Xi nodded while she felt a little warmth in her heart.

Shen Sen sighed resignedly and said, "It's accurate to say that a grown girl couldn't be kept at home. When she needed me back in the days, she would keep calling for my name by my side. Now that she has… Young Master Xi, whatever said by uncle is wrong…"

"Uncle!" Shen Qingchuo stomped her feet and grumbled.

Shen Sen laughed for a while and then looked at He Xi solemnly, "Xi Yue, I keep feeling that the Feng Family will not let you off easily now that they have been put at such great disadvantage. There will be many inconveniences for me to take action in the Breaking Spirit Mountain as I have been assigned tasks."

"So, even if you could deal with rank four magical beast, I suggest you better not leave the rank three magical beast area. This is to avoid any opportunity that allows them to attack you."

"As soon as you come out, the Qingxia Sect can keep you safe."

He Xi nodded, "Thank you, Elder Shen."

After Shen Sen gave a briefing, he was quickly pulled away by martial artists from other sects for social activities.

As the person in charge of the safety of the Big Hunting Match, Ouyang Zhixiong had a lot of work to do. He also said his goodbye and left with Ouyang Haoxuan.

The two passed through the crowd. As they were about to reach the entrance of the hall, they passed by an inconspicuous man who was dressed in white.

Suddenly, the man who was dressed in white stopped and looked towards the figure of the Ouyang father and son with surprise and excitement. He was then lost in his thoughts.



Shen Qingchuo and her several senior and junior brothers gathered around He Xi, continuing the topic that was left off in the morning.

Suddenly, a group of men in Qixing Palace's clothes approached them.

Most of these Qixing Palace's disciples were only seventeen to eighteen years old, but their cultivation bases were generally Meridians stage. There were several who were in Foundation Establishment stage, but they had all reached the summit of the Foundation Establishment stage.

They were led by an eighteen or nineteen-year-old teenager with a handsome face and very tall figure. His expression had an obvious superiority, as if he looked down on everyone.

What surprised He Xi was that there were the Crown Prince and Nalan Ziyun amongst these people.