Chapter 720: Who Exactly Is He?

Chapter 720: Who Exactly Is He?

While running, he made a jangling.

Only then did Hexi discover that there were chains around his neck and limbs. The thin chains strangled his neck and limbs, tearing off his flesh.

Old and new scars of varying thickness were all over his body. It looked horrifying.

Hexi clenched her hands abruptly. Her nails deeply pierced into her palms.

She didn’t know what kind of emotion was surging in her heart.

Regarding Nalan Family and Nalan Zhengze, Hexi had always maintained an indifferent attitude. Apart from Nalan Feixue and Nalan Ziyun, the culprits who hurt Nalan Hexi, she did not have the intention to retaliate against others.

But now, seeing this young man who was tortured in the underground by Nalan Zhengze, she felt a strong killing intent in her heart.

Who is this boy?

Hexi walked slowly toward the young man lying on the ground, trying to restrain her aura as much as possible.

The young boy’s purple eyes stared at her while blinking. There was confusion in his eyes due to longing; there was fear due to yearning, but his trembling body kept retreating.

Just when Hexi was about to approach the young boy, Nangong Yu suddenly frowned.

He quickly appeared next to Hexi, and took her into his arms, making a gesture to hint that someone was coming.

Hexi’s heart was stunned. She quickly kept all the lighting crystal stones into her arms. She and Nan Gongyu jumped to a corner of the cave and hid their body.

Losing the brief light and Hexi’s figure, the boy lying on the ground became excited.

The chain that restrained his neck trembled violently, making a ringing sound.

There was also a low and dull sound, like the cry of a dying beast.

Hexi finally knew why the voice she heard above was so dull because the boy’s face was covered by an iron cover.

Hearing the desperate and sorrowful roar of the young man, it seemed as if he was calling.

Hexi’s body trembled for a while, and she almost couldn’t help jumping down and telling the boy that she was still here.

Nangong Yu quickly hugged her in her arms and whispered in her ear, “Xi’er, don’t worry, I’m here!”

The man’s low voice sounded in her ears. The clear breath filled the tip of his nose as if to say over and over again: no matter what you want to do, I will accompany you until it is over.

The original fierce heartbeat slowly subsided, Hexi stretched out her arm to embrace Nangong Yu, took a deep breath, and condensed all her aura.

At almost the same time, there was a slight sound of footsteps in the secret passage.

Immediately afterward, the light in the small cave lit up, and Nalan Zhengze’s suspicious face was soon reflected.

Nalan Zhengze himself couldn’t tell why, he always felt uneasy at the dinner tonight.

Logically, I know about Nalan Yurong’s plan. I also let someone monitor it by the side to ensure that nothing went wrong.

Nalan Hexi was married into the Zhu Family instead of Nalan Feixue. After her chastity is ruined by Zhu Zhongba, so what if King of Hell still wants to marry her again? Would he really want a woman who was ruined by the other?

In this way, Nalan Hexi still can’t escape from my hands, and An Lingyue’s relic will sooner or later belong to me.

After thinking about all the plans, the plans should be flawless.

But at today’s wedding banquet, he always felt like sitting on pins and needles as if something bad was happening.

Nalan Zhengze quickly thought of his study room and the great secret hidden under the study room.