Chapter 673

Chapter 673

No, or it should be said that this is the feeling of the original master’s memory .

There seemed to be a distant and blurry scene in front of her eyes .

Two naive young children were chasing and playing with each other . On the window sill there was a young woman leaning gently on the window and looking softly at the children in the garden . The gentle expression could pamper the children very well . She couldn’t wish to give the best in the world to her children .

The scene was very vague, she couldn’t see the face of the woman and the boy at all, but she just felt that the scene was very warm and very happy that she even had a hint of envy .

Is that the mother and brother of Nalan Hexi? Are they really dead?

Cui Zhu saw Hexi staring at the scene in front of her in a daze, and she quickly whispered, “Third Miss, you don’t know that Xin Yue House is the best courtyard in the whole Nalan Mansion . When Mrs . Anling was still alive, Master specially renovated this Xin Yue House because of his love the Mrs . Anling . ”

“Since Mrs . Anling died, Master was heartbroken . He sealed this year as he was afraid of missing Mrs . Anling . No one was allowed to enter . Now that master let Miss move it . It can be seen that Master really cares about Miss!”

Hexi regained her mind, then she replied with a half smile, “Oh, is it?”

Cui Zhu faced Hexi’s eyes as if they could see through everything, and she couldn’t say a word for a while .

Mai Xiang could not help but ridicule and said, “If he really cares so much, why would he let our Miss stay in another courtyard for a dozen of years without visiting her? Hmph, crocodile tears, who knows what is he planning!”

“You can go now . Tell you that my Miss doesn’t like strangers to follow her . You all stay away from Miss!”

Both He Xiang and Cui Zhu lowered their heads, concealing the look on their faces, but they did not listen to Mai Xiang at all . They still followed Hexi step by step .

Hexi glanced leisurely at half of the yard, then she walked back to the room .

In fact, even if she didn’t go out, she knew that the courtyard was full of spies .

The security here was actually tight .

Nalan Zhengze and Nalan Ziyun are really crazy about An Lingyue’s relics .

If they know the whereabouts of An Lingyue’s relics, they would probably rush over and tear her into pieces .

However, looking at their impatient look, they probably can’t wait for long .

As expected, Hexi could not help laughing as soon as she smelled the seemingly odorless smell of her food .

The people of the Nalan Family really deserved to be a medical family!

In addition to poisoning, they can’t seem to find another way .

Um…Although my own method is mainly based poison as well .

He Xiang placed the meals to Hexi . Seeing Hexi didn’t pick up the chopsticks for a long time, she couldn’t help but urge, “Third Miss, these are the best dishes chose by the kitchen . They are still hot . Why don’t you taste it first? If you don’t like it, I will ask them to change immediately . ”

Hexi looked at her with a smile, “Oh? Look at you, it seems that these meals are really delicious . Why don’t I reward you with a bowl and let you eat it first?”

He Xiang’s face suddenly turned pale, her hands trembled nervously, “No, it’s fine! I don’t dare to! How can a maid simply eat Master’s foods? Can master don’t make fun with me?”

“It’s fine if you don’t eat, do you have to be scared like this?” Hexi chuckled lightly . “Since that’s the case, then I will eat it myself . ”