Chapter 185 – Punishment

Chapter 185 – Punishment

Nangong Yu smiled evilly, and leaning closer to her, he blew a breath into her ear as he said, “You don’t understand? Then wouldn’t it better if I helped you to remember? Let’s say you first pushed me, making me lose consciousness, and then you even dared to add a knockout drug into my medicine…Xi Er, your courage is really growing!”

Hearing what he said, Hexi’s face immediately reddened. Her guilty conscience making her turn her face to the side. “Stop talking nonsense! You fainting is your own fault, I already told you not to use your spiritual power. And what knockout drug, do you have any evidence?”

After saying this, she firmly pushed against the man who trapped her, wanting to slip away.

But since Nangong Yu’s cultivation base had now recovered, she was unable to move him. Her action of pushing him was ineffective, instead, it only made Nangong Yu tighten his hold on her.

Hexi suddenly wanted to smash a stone down on her foot in depression. Had she cured Nangong Yu only for him to act undisciplined and suppress her?

Nangong Yu quietly laughed, his muscled chest faintly vibrating. “Xi Er, tell me, how should I punish you?”

“It’s me who cured you, you…ahh–!”

Hexi hadn’t yet finished speaking when Nangong Yu lowered his head, firmly sealing her small alluring lips.

With heated palms, he clasped one closely around Hexi’s waist, while the other pressed against her head, firmly confining her in his arms.

Once the kiss ended, Hexi felt limp all over, completely pliable in Nangong Yu’s embrace.

Nangong Yu’s arms encircled her entire body, and lifting up her petite frame, he bent her legs and placed her on his lap.

Hexi’s translucent cheeks were glowing a peach-like crimson, while her eyes were like black glass, filled with a trace of moisture and a faint purple light. Her small red lips were slightly parted as she gasped for breath, revealing her pink tongue and pearly white teeth…

Nangong Yu felt his heart tighten, and holding her a little higher, he couldn’t help but kiss her once more.

This time, the kiss lasted until Hexi was almost faint from a lack of air. At some point her arms had subconsciously wrapped themselves around Nangong Yu’s neck; it seemed as if her whole body was on the verge of melting.

Nangong Yu’s eyes were flooded with strong passion, and as he lowered his gaze to the girl’s captivating black-purple eyes, he could feel the heat in his body surge to somewhere in his lower regions.

“Xi Er, if you seduce me like this again, I certainly won’t be able to restrain myself and will make you my Princess right now!”

The man’s deep and husky voice contained a strong desire, making it feel like he wanted to swallow her entirely. His ink black eyes had become a scorching red as they intently stared at her.

Hexi suddenly returned to her senses, realising that the two of them were tightly pressed against each other. And since she was sitting on his lap, she could definitely feel the changes occurring with Nangong Yu’s body.

“You…you pervert! Shameless!” Hexi immediately jumped from his lap, retreating to the other side of the tub.

Nangong Yu laughed. “Mhmm, I’m shameless, but I’m only shameless to my family’s Xi Er.”

Pfft! Who’s your family!? Hexi absolutely wouldn’t admit that there was a trace of happiness in her heart.

Nangong Yu moved, suddenly appearing beside Hexi and pulling her into his embrace. “Xi Er, don’t avoid me, all right? You can’t run away, you’re destined to be mine!”

Hexi angrily retorted, “Why am I yours?! You’re more or less mine, don’t forget that you now owe me a favour for saving your life!”

Once the words were out, Hexi immediately regretted it, regretted it so much that her intestines were green. Isn’t this the same as giving this shameless guy an opportunity?