Chapter 484

Chapter 484 Personally Ending

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During Murong family's desperate time, a person proclaiming themselves as the black law protector suddenly appeared and he sought out the clan head of Murong family at the time.

Their agreement would be able to help Murong family suppress the powers under their family, allowing them to steadily stay in their position as one of the four most influential families. The catch was that Murong family had to be their eyes and ears and wholeheartedly swear their loyalty to them.

Nobody in Murong family knew exactly what type of person the black law protector was, all they knew was that his cultivation was extremely high. Twenty years before his cultivation was already at Nascent Soul stage. By his side he had a fourth rank doctor and a Mister Liao who was an expert in refining puppets.

With the black law protector's help, their Murong family was quickly able to establish themselves in Jin Ling city. And secretly, they began to help the black law protector in all kinds of shady businesses.

Everyday, their Murong family had to hang up a sign saying that they were recruiting little man servants. They would fetch children from remote mountain areas or from the streets. From these children, they would filter out the ones with spiritual roots and use them as culture fluid for the Cold Food flowers.

Hexi knit her brow and said, "You guys have kidnapped so many children for so long, have you guys seriously not had any parents who came to complain about their children missing?"

In response, Murong Feng's head drooped and he quietly said, "Naturally that's happened. If any parents discover any clues, we usually kill their entire family, or perhaps even the entire village… Then we shift the blame onto loose martial artists or bandits."

"Are you guys even human anymore?! Do you have any humanity?!"

Hexi didn't even respond before Gu Liufeng couldn't take it anymore. He walked over to Murong Feng and firmly kicked him, "Could it be that you guys are the only people on this world and other children and people are nothing more than brutes? Even if they are brutes, that's still a life. Why are you allowed to willfully trample and slaughter them? Murong Feng, are you not scared of meeting retribution? Of not reincarnating after death? Of forever walking the path of a brute?!"

Murong Feng was only afraid of Hexi, he held much hatred toward Gu Liufeng. So once he heard Gu Liufeng's questions, he immediately answered back with confidence, "All of our actions are for the sake of reviving Murong family. The death of hundreds of those lowly people is the same as the death of hundreds of ants. What worth do they have to be able to receive our guilt and pity? Actually, you're the evil creature here. You clearly possess Murong family's blood, yet you colluded with outsiders and trapped Murong family. You're the one who really deserves to die a thousand deaths! You brute, you're the one who'll receive retribution!"

The long sword in Gu Liufeng's hand suddenly transformed in his hand. Step by step, he walked over to Murong Feng.

Murong Feng saw that his eyes were even more red than before, it looked like blood was practically about to drip down. And each step Gu Liufeng took, the killing intent on his body became even thicker.

This caused his heart to burst with intense fear. He began to wiggle and recoiled backward, "I… I'm your father, if you kill me… You'll face Heaven's wrath… You'll meet countless demons on that day… You'll also fall down…"

Hexi walked forward a step and held onto Gu Liufeng. She faintly told him, "There's no need to face demons just for a person like this. Let me do it, okay?"

"No!" Gu Liufeng whirled around to face Hexi. His eyes were burning and there was twenty years worth of built up pain and hatred in his face. But more than that, there was determination, "Xi Yue, you've already done enough for me. I want to personally end this person's life."

A sneer appeared on his face, "Do you know how much I abhor my name Murong Liufeng? How much disgust I hold for Murong Feng? But unfortunately, his blood flows through my veins. This is a sin I can't avoid."

Translator Note you know, i feel like this all is partially not Murong Feng's fault. this sick mentality has been drilled into his mind when he was still young & impressionable and his entire life has just been 'Murong family', he doesn't know anything else. my heart holds many mixed feelings toward Murong Feng…

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