Chapter 286 – The White Fog’s Absorption Of Spiritual Power

Chapter 286 – The White Fog’s Absorption Of Spiritual Power

Wu Yu crossed his arms in front of his chest as he asked, “Tell me, what’s with this strange white fog? Why did that useless trash from the Murong family say that even if someone’s cultivation base is high, they still couldn’t overturn the wind and the waves?”

How could a low-level martial artist ever dare to conceal the truth? Hurriedly, he replied, “Senior, please spare me my little life! I’ll tell you; I’ll tell you everything that I know!”

“I don’t know what formations are inside the fog, but, no matter how high a person’s cultivation base is, when they enter that white fog, their spiritual power will quickly start to drain away. Moreover, any methods you might have to control your spiritual power will become ineffective once inside. Even if it were a martial artist of Nascent Soul stage, they would also become an ordinary person without any cultivation base.”

“A person’s spiritual power will quickly drain away?” Wu Yu stroked his chin while frowning, then he said, “Do you know what happens to the ones who go inside?”

The martial artist’s face now looked somewhat frightened as he shook his head. “We went in for a while and found that the road ahead was endless and obscured. When we realised that the spiritual power within our bodies’ was draining at high speed, we escaped out of fear. This humble one had two companions with him who didn’t believe in evil. They went in, but…the Jade Life Tablets they left with this humble one shattered.”

If a Jade Life Tablet were to shatter, then that would mean that the martial artist who owned it had died.

Wiping away the perspiration on his forehead, the martial artist continued in a trembling voice, “Once this humble one left the white fog, this humble one discovered that after a full two hours my spiritual power restored itself. Unfortunately, during that period this humble one’s strength was lacking more fifty percent of its usual power. Due to that, this humble one nearly lost his life to all the martial artists who had surrounded the white fog hoping to collect any small advantage. If it were not for this humble one handing over several treasures, this humble one would’ve long been on the journey to the underworld.”

Wu Yu frowned as he turned to look at Nangong Yu and Hexi.

The white fog could absorb all of a martial artist’s spiritual power? This issue was indeed troublesome. Since the medicinal field was inside the white fog, it was unknown whether any of the martial artists who had previously entered had met with an ambush or if after they had left the medicinal field, with their spiritual powers wholly depleted, they just couldn’t resist an attack. It would’ve been like slaughtering fish in a barrel.

Wu Yu glanced at a few of the Gold Core stage martial artists standing nearby. Other than glaring towards Hexi’s group, none of them blindly attacked. Satisfied with how they were now acting, he said, “So now you stay here in the hopes that when someone comes out from inside, you can take advantage of their powerlessness to loot them? Didn’t the Murong family take control of this area? They still allow you all to take advantage here?”

Trembling, the low-rank martial artist broke out into a cold sweat before hanging his head and saying, “What the Murong family want is some of the rare spiritual plants inside the medicinal field. In particular, they seem to be looking for a seventh-grade spiritual herb known as the Mythical Heart Herb. The Murong family will thoroughly search every person that exits the white fog and then those that remain and are deemed unnecessary by them, are then left for us to search and divide between us.”

Wu Yu had nothing more to ask so he waved his hand and allowed the martial artist to return to where he’d previously been standing. Then, turning towards Nangong Yu, he said, “Master, the risk of entering the white fog is too big. It’s better to let me and Qing Long go to the medicinal field while you and Young Master Xi wait outside.”

“Out of the question!” Hexi immediately vetoed. “You wouldn’t be able to recognise any of the medicinal herbs, and you also don’t know to pick them safely. I want to go to the medicinal field by myself; you can wait outside.”

What a joke! Her space was the best place to transplant the medicinal herbs! If there were any precious spiritual plants in the medicinal field, she would of course straight away move them into her space to ensure their survival. If she didn’t go in herself, the damage to the herbs would be too significant.

Upon hearing that, Nangong Yu’s face instantly darkened. “Xi er, you should just drop the matter, I said before that I’d never let you leave me. Not to mention, letting you go to such a dangerous place alone is impossible!”