Chapter 85

Chapter 85 – I’ll Kiss You Until You Like It

Hexi felt agitated, causing her heart to pound, her face unyielding, "Who likes it? Disgusting!"

As soon as she finished speaking, she raised her hand and wiped her kiss swollen red lips.

The next moment, she felt the air around her suddenly become dark and violent, as if a whirlpool was forming, preparing to swallow her.

Nangong Yu's face was overcast yet calm and collected as one hand hooked her nape, his frosty eyes staring at her, "You said…disgusting?"

When Hexi looked at the expression on Nangong Yu’s face, she instantly wanted to retreat, her face turning pale.

Of course she felt guilty, it was like she wasn’t clear and had made him misunderstand. But he was the one who did the wrong thing first, breaching her heart so her attitude wouldn’t be so cold towards him.

However, just as Hexi moved to retreat, Nangong Yu reacted first.

He abruptly pressed her body closer to his, one hand holding her nape as the other hand tightly wrapped around her slender waist. Once she was firmly confined in his arms, he lowered his head, seizing her small mouth and kissing her once again.

The kiss this time was more frantic than the first, as aggressive as if he was trying to devour her soul.

Hexi was firmly captured in Nangong Yu's arms. Her body felt like it had become liquid, so she had no other choice but be forced to accept his passionate kiss.

When the kiss ended, she only had enough strength left to gasp for breath, her pink and tender cheeks turning red like a ripe apple.

Nangong Yu gently stroked her cheeks, feeling their satiny warmth, and with a husky voice lightly laughed, "Little thing, your mouth says no yet your heart says yes, but even then, you still dare to say you don’t like it."

Hexi gnashed her teeth as she raised her head to glare at him, "You…"

Without waiting for her to rage and curse, Nangong Yu laughingly said, "If you still dare to say it’s disgusting, I wouldn't mind kissing you until you like it. Xi Er, you want to try it?"

Hexi, who had been on the verge of rage, held it back. Her anger creasing her long and shapely eyebrows, making her beautiful small face turn grim.

Nangong Yu couldn't help but laugh when he saw her angry kitten like appearance, his expression full of affection and happiness as he looked at her, "Xi Er, how can you look so adorable?"

You’re adorable! Your whole family is adorable!

Hexi gnashed her teeth once again, and quickly retreating, she escaped from Nangong Yu's arms. Her left hand secretly raising the curtain as she considered jumping from the window.

But as a result, Nangong Yu's next words made her obediently sit back down, "You don't want to know how to use the Yuan Yang Fruit?"

Nangong Yu spoke casually, but the listening Hexi was seething with anger, itching to beat his annoying laughing face into a pig head.

Good! Very good! You hold the information that I need, and a hero doesn’t suffer from one loss, so, I admit defeat this time!

Life had it’s ups and downs, she didn’t believe that after she was able to cultivate, that Nangong Yu would still have ways to threaten her.

At that time, she would let him know why the flowers were so red!

Hexi took a deep breath, then another. It was only after taking that second deep breath was she able to push down the resentment in her heart, placing a fake smile upon her face, "In that case, may I ask Hell King…Nangong Yu, to tell me how to use the Yuan Yang Fruit?"

The tips of Nangong Yu's eyebrows, and the corners of his eyes, rose as he smiled. He thought that the girl before him was cunning yet adorable. Especially due to the pain her wrist must in from when he had grabbed her before. Her appearance was of one wanting to resist rubbing it but being unable to, and that made him itch to take her into his arms again, firmly rubbing and pinching her.

Nangong Yu laughed, and only when he saw that Hexi was getting angry again did he stop, saying in a serious voice, "Yuan Yang Fruit will work more effectively if you use it directly, rather than refining it into a medicinal pill. The only condition is that your body needs to resist the Yang attribute of the Yuan Yang Fruit. Otherwise, your body will explode, but, unfortunately, it's the only way."