Chapter 838: Time to Clean Up

Chapter 838: Time to Clean Up

Before Nangong Yu hadn’t spoken yet, Bai Hu yucked and said with a disgusted face, “Are all your Feng Family mentally retarded? Every single one of you keep saying I have life-saving grace to you. Do you really think Feng Tianba has a life-saving grace to my master? Pui! It’s more like deep hatred! Telling the same lie for a hundred times, you really think you are telling the truth?”

“What?!” Cai Jie was shocked when he heard the words, “What do you mean by this?”

Bai Hu shook his head and sneered, “So you don’t know anything? It’s so pitiful! It seems that you are loyal to Feng Family, but they don’t really treat you as their people.”

While he was talking, he suddenly saw a familiar figure in black galloping from the sky.

Bai Hu immediately left Cai Jie behind and waved to the people excitedly, “I said Ah Wu, why are you so slow! Even master has arrived, but you only arrive now!”

Xuan Wu ignored him, walked straight to Nangong Yu, bowed slightly and said, “Master, Mr. Xi, Feng Family’s ambush at Dragon Tiger Mountain have all been cleaned up. I have confirmed that no secret messages have sent out.”

Nangong Yu nodded and said with a faint expression, “After returning, call the Iron Kirin Guards to gather at Yanjing. It’s time to clean it up.”

Xuan Wu was shocked. Does this mean we are going all out with the Feng Family?

But he didn’t hesitate, instead, a trace of excitement appeared in his calm eyes. He bowed and said, “Understood.”

At this time, Cai Jie’s face could no longer be described as ugly, but it was full of despair.

He stared at Nangong Yu, gritted his teeth and said, “Nangong Yu, I have seen the development of King of Hell Mansion in the past ten years. I believe that our Feng Family treats you well, and we even want to marry our Miss to you. Even if there is no life-saving grace, you are not our enemy. Why do you want to do this to our Feng Family?”

Nangong Yu ignored him, but Bai Hu couldn’t help but said, “Fool! Don’t you understand this? Initially, my master was going to let you Feng Family to stay in Yanjing for a few more years, but who asked you to provoke you someone you shouldn’t? You even tried to steal something from our princess?

“What princess? Steal what?”

Bai Hu smiled and said, “Don’t you know, this Zhenwei Army belongs to our princess? To snatch things from the princess is equivalent to snatching things from our King of Hell Mansion. Of course, our master is going to make a move!”

Hexi had already broken free from Nangong Yu’s arms at this time, and she couldn’t help but glared at Bai Hu.

This guy is really talkative and noisy.

Nangong Yu’s face was a bit ugly. He didn’t bother Cai Jie and the others who was groaning below. His eyes were always looking sadly at Hexi.

Because Hexi had broken free from his embrace at this time and came to Ouyang Haoxuan.

Seeing Ouyang Haoxuan’s arm was chopped off, and the other arm was drooping softly which was apparently fractured, Hexi frowned.

Ouyang Haoxuan had a faint smile on her face. When he saw her, the darkness in his eyes seemed to fade a little, “Xi Yue, you are here.”

Hexi frowned and ignored him, but she spread her hands and said, “Where is the broken arm?”

Ouyang Haoxuan took out the broken arm from the storage item and handed it to Hexi.

Hexi checked the incision and found that the meridians hadn’t shrunk or been damaged, and she was relieved.

She knelt down in front of Ouyang Haoxuan and tore off the white cloth he wrapped around the wound. The cut of the wound inside was also neat.

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