Chapter 840: Lost in Admiration

Chapter 840: Lost in Admiration

Hexi raised her head and met Nangong Yu’s tender eyes. She couldn’t help but smile at him.

But before the two of them had a moment of tenderness, Bai Hu, who didn’t know he had ruined the mood, couldn’t help but exclaimed, “This… Is this broken arm connected already?! Brother Ouyang, you… you can move your arm now?”

Ouyang Haoxuan had just relieved from the pain at this time. He felt like he was just being pulled out of the water, gasping heavily with a pale face.

However, the expression on his face was indifferently smiling from beginning to end. After hearing that, he raised his hand and moved his finger slowly.

At first, it was a little slow, then it became more and more smooth. In the end, he even grabbed catgut on the side and tied a knot with two fingers.

At the incision of the arm, except for a loop of some ugly sutures, it looked the same as a normal arm.

“My God! The broken arm is actually connected! How can there be such terrifying medical skills in the world?”

“I’ve only heard that the eight grade doctors or above can use rare materials to reshape the lost hands and feet of martial artists. I have never heard of someone who can re-sew the hands and feet that have been cut off!”

“This… who is this young man? How can he be so powerful if he is only sixteen or seventeen years old?”

“Someone called him Mr. Xi just now, is he the Miracle Healer Xi that is now rumored in the Yanjing City? That young miracle healer who healed young master’s broken veins?”

“I heard that Shengde Hall is also ran by him; the best quality pill sold in it can’t even be made by the Doctors Association!”

One after another, the discussion continued to spread among the solders of the Zhenwei Army, and it became more and more intense.

The soldier who had observed Hexi’s amazing suture technique up close admired Hexi even more. He was looking at her as if looking at a god.

However, as if thinking of something, the little soldier lowered his eyebrows sadly and said in a sobbing voice, “Miracle Healer Xi, if only we could get to know you sooner, then my brother would not become disabled. His leg was chopped on the battlefield… His talent is better than me, and he has more experience than me, but now he can only lie in bed like a cripple all day…”

The words of the little soldier made other people in the Zhenwei Army immediately show a sad expression.

One soldier also wiped his tears and said, “My father too, he was bitten off with a hand and a foot when he was fighting against the magical beast. He has been fighting on the battlefield all his life. How can he stand such a fact? He can only live his life with alcohol now…

The battlefield was ruthless, the weapons had no eyes. Death and disability were the easiest the appear in the battlefield.

The method of reshaping body by the high-level doctors had to use rare materials. How could ordinary people afford it? Even if they could, they couldn’t easily find a doctor above the eight grade.

Even Xuan Wu and Bai Hu showed sad expressions, especially Xuan Wu.

He was leading the Iron Kirin. Although Iron Kirin was a hundred times stronger than Zhenwei Army, it was an army afterall. As long as the army was on the battlefield, it was impossible to have no casualties.

He just watched the magical scene where Hexi easily sutured Ouyang Haoxuan’s broken arm, and he couldn’t help thinking. If the injured brothers in the Iron Kirin could be treated by the princess, would… would they not be disabled? Could they keep staying in the army?

Hexi had walked to the other side of Ouyang Haoxuan at this time and checked the injury on his other hand.