Chapter 91

Chapter 91 – Organising Her Space

At this time, the Hexi that was being hated and cursed by Zhu Que had long forgot about this woman.

Although she was unable to remove the seal, she was still busy rushing back and forth everyday.

First off, it was to experiment by planting spiritual herbs in her space.

In order to become familiar with the spiritual herbs’ medicinal properties and growth characteristics, Hexi had ordered Mo San and the others to collect all kinds of basic lists on spiritual herbs from outside.

These lists were mainly composed of commonly seen spiritual herbs, spiritual insects, spiritual beasts, and medicinal pills found in the Mi Luo continent.

They didn’t have detailed prescriptions and attributes, only rough explanations, some even had physical descriptions. For a common doctor in this world they were just like entry level encyclopaedias, without any real use, but for Hexi, they were a big help.

Relying on her own large sum of money to last, Hexi brought the spiritual medicine lists, some spiritual herb seeds to be planted in her space, and didn’t return.

The Ancient Rhyme spiritual field in her space is able to shorten a plants growth period a hundred times. Just seeing the planted seeds begin to sprout a glossy green colour and emit fresh spiritual energy made Dan Dan so happy.

"Mother, Mother, there’s so many types of herbs that the air in Xumi Palace has become good enough to eat. Dan Dan wants more herbs, Mother, plant a little extra okay?"

Hexi lazily stretched her body, and after drinking a mouthful of spring water from the spiritual spring, sighed, and unhappily said, "I've been so busy these past several days and with difficulty have finally managed to plant so many hectares. You must really think of me as an old farming ox!"

"Waahh…but Dan Dan needs a lot of spiritual energy to be able to come out and meet Mother. Dan Dan really wants to see Mother and help Mother beat bad people…"

Hexi was most afraid of Dan Dan when it began to act cute, like a spoiled child, so heaving a sigh she said, "Okay, okay, but these spiritual herbs have just started to sprout, wait until they mature, then they’ll release a richer spiritual energy. At that time, apart from what I need for my medicine, the remaining spiritual herbs will all be given to you to eat, that’s pretty good right?"

Once Hexi had managed to console Dan Dan, he finally stopped disturbing her. So after resting for a while, she continue to plant in a few areas.

Looking at the field in her space, that was at this moment verdant and lush, Hexi's face showed a smile.

Apart from those areas of spiritual herbs, Hexi had also planted a range of edible spiritual fruits and spiritual vegetables. These spiritual fruits and vegetables didn’t have any special attributes, and they also didn’t contain much spiritual energy, but as for taste, they were easily the most delicious.

Because the time in her space didn’t follow reason, the crops she had planted were already nearing maturity and she would be able to harvest them that night.

But when her eyes fell on the vast expanse of empty black soil, Hexi felt frustrated.

The amount of spiritual herbs she had managed to plant today just weren’t enough. The fact is, that after she feeds them to Dan Dan, there wouldn’t be a single remaining spiritual plant left in the Ancient Rhyme spiritual field.

But how could the blame be all hers! Doesn’t farming require proper time and effort? How could she manage to finish sowing such a large area by herself! Not to mention, later she would have to harvest everything that had reached maturity, and then prepare the soil so that she could plant more crops…just thinking about all that work made her head feel like it could explode.

In the future, if she could find a hard working, loyal, and capable person able to help with the farming, that would be nice!

Hexi had barely withdrawn from her space and opened her eyes, when she saw Xiao Li enter the room, staggering as she carried a large basin filled with hot water.

This little girl was still young, only ten years old, but coupled with possible long term malnutrition, it had left her looking thin and small, giving her the appearance of a seven or eight year old child.