Chapter 348 Heaven Defying Luck

The Little Golden Dragon’s words alarmed Hexi. “The secret territory’s controlling right?”

How could this be? After becoming the descendant of Zijin Palace, the Sealed Dragon Territory was already considered hers.

But, the information left by the original master of Zijin Palace did pass on information saying that obtaining the controlling right over the secret territory wasn’t an easy task. Even if the secret territory closes she still may not obtain it.

Hexi originally didn’t hold much hope. When she was in the Hundred Herb Mist, she clearly didn’t do much. So how did she still obtain the controlling right to the secret territory?

The Little Golden Dragon raised his head, groaning. “Even if I don’t want to admit it, but you, woman, still have some abilities. Although you can’t be compared to my previous master, but to let me reluctantly admit this to you isn’t an impossible thing.

Having said this, the Little Golden Dragon pointed at the floor and lowered it’s voice. “If you want to obtain control over Sealed Dragon Domain’s secret territory then, first, you must have remarkable talent and willpower. You were already verified when you inherited the Zijin Palace.”

“Second, you need to go through and collect the five heavenly spiritual treasures from Green Wood Realm, Water Moon Realm, Burning Heaven Realm, Ice Snow Realm, and Desolate Desert Realm in order to prove that you’ve mastered the strength of the secret territory. Originally, this is extremely hard to accomplish. However, who could’ve thought that you saved so many people and by an accident arising from many causes [1], you managed to get all five of the secret territory’s heavenly spiritual treasures.”

However, having just these treasures isn’t enough. You have to be able to condense enough spiritual power to touch the secret territory’s restriction barrier. In fact, this can only be done by Gold Core stage and above martial artists, however due to the fact that, just now, Dan Dan and your Purple Abyss Vine ate so many magical plants, it was just enough to touch the secret territory’s restriction barrier.

Although the Little Golden Dragon was disoriented at the time, due to his contract with Hexi, he was still able to clearly see everything outside the space.

Even he had to sigh, this little girl has a formidable amount of strength and potential. In addition, she also had luck that defied the heavens.

Requirements which were supposed to be difficult to accomplish was, unexpectedly, easily attained by her.

Thinking up to here, the Little Golden Dragon coldly snorted and flew higher up. Keeping his arrogant character he coldly said, “And of course, the most important point is that you must be able to become the master benzun has genuinely approved of.”

“That means that I must willingly enter a life and death blood contract with you, which can’t be reversed, not the originally dispensable contract we had.”

“By becoming benzun’s genuine master, to obtain my whole heart’s willing approval, only then can you become the secret territory’s true master.

As soon as the Little Golden Dragon said this, it swooped down and when it neared the side of Hexi’s neck, it firmly bit down.

For awhile Hexi didn’t see anything, she didn’t have enough time to dodge, she only felt the pain in her neck. Soon after, a gold colored beam enveloped both her and the Little Golden Dragon.

Moments later, the golden beam scattered and the wound on Hexi’s neck disappeared without a trace. However, the golden mark of a dragon appeared on the hollow of her palm.

This golden mark was completely different from the gold lines she received when she and the Little Golden Dragon initially drew their contract. This mark was incomparably clear, it seemed to have gone deep into her flesh. It also held a faint feeling of great power.

Although the golden dragon mark quickly disappeared from Hexi’s palm, she was still able to clearly sense it. It seemed as if there was a strange memory, that didn’t belong to her, burned into her mind.

Hexi knew that these memories were part of the dragon race’s inheritance. But, now, these memories were fuzzy and she was only able to see one sentence clearly– –

[1] by an accident arising from many causes – a freak combination of facts