Chapter 598

Chapter 598

Suddenly, a young man in Shui Yue Sect costume snorted coldly, strode forward, and threw the storage in his hand on the table .

He sneered, “He just collected some rank four magical beast monster essence pills, and he thought he is so pro . Qixing Palace is just so so . ”

The people at Qixing Palace suddenly felt ugly when they heard the words, and Xia Yichen couldn’t hold back as he said furiously . “Han Feiyu, what do you mean by that? Can you collect more monster essence pill than me?”

Shui Yue Sect disciple, who was called Han Feiyu, gave a scornful smile . He injected spiritual power into the storage ring and dozens of monster essence pills appeared in front of everyone .

In fact, according to the number, these dozens of monster essence pills certainly wouldn’t exceed Xia Yichen’s one hundred plus monster essence pills .

However, when everyone saw that one of the monster essence pills, some of them were exuding a thick monster beast’s power . They couldn’t help but exclaim, “Rank five magical beast monster essence pill!”

Although this Han Feiyu was the grandson of Elder Han of Shui Yue Sect, he still had some reputations . However, he was only at the Meridians stage after all .

A Merialians stage martial artist actually entered the rank five magical beast area and captured eight monster essence pill of the rank five magical beast .

If he did it himself, it would be amazing…

Hearing the praises of everyone around, Han Feiyu raised his chin high, looked down at Xia Yichen and sneered, “Xia Yichen, do you know the difference between the strength of rank four magical beast and rank five magical beast? I have eight rank five magical beast’s monster essence pills here . Even your one hundred rank four magical beast’s monster essence pills can’t compete with it… Hehe, Qixing Palace, they are just some insignificant sect!”

Xia Yichen’s face was gloomy, but he couldn’t say a word .

No matter what method Han Feiyu used to get the rank five magical beast’s monster essence pills, he lost completely in Big Hunting Match .

In particular, he lost the face of Qixing Palace .

Elder Xia’s face also looked gloomy and ugly . On the contrary, Elder Han of Shui Yue Sect smiled . He shook his head casually, “This brat is still young and vigorous . He just likes to be competitive . Elder Xia, please don’t feel offended!”

“In fact, your sect’s Yichen is pretty good . He can hunt more than one hundred rank four magical beast’s monster essence pills . He was just a bit timid; he didn’t dare go to the rank five magical beast area . Unlike our sect’s Feiyu, he is just a dumb person, but he could hunt eight rank five magical beast’s monster essence pills . This result is still okay . ”

There was a twitch at Elder Xia’s mouth, but he forced a smile .

The disciple of Shui Yue Sect below was even more proud and arrogant than the people of Qixing Palace and Qingxia Sect .

Especially when the following martial artists who submitted monster essence pills couldn’t hunt the magical beast of higher rank, this made Han Feiyu even more arrogant .

He suddenly walked to Shen Qingchuo’s side and chuckled, “Sister Chuo Er, no wonder you used to hate Xia Yichen pestering around you like a fly . He is just a good looking idiot who doesn’t have any strength . How can Sister Chuo Er be fond of him?”

“I don’t know what sister Chuo Er thinks of me? My grandfather said that I can break through the Gold Core stage in just a few years . By that time, you can marry me to be my dual cultivation partner…”

“Who wants to be your dual cultivation partner!” Shen Qingchuo glanced fiercely at Han Feiyu . “I don’t like Xia Yichen, but I hate you hundred times more than Xia Yichen! Don’t think I don’t know that every year you will rob a bunch of girls with spiritual roots to serve as your furnace . Such a shameless person like you, I even feel disgusted when I see you!”