Chapter 844: May Mister Give Orders

Chapter 844: May Mister Give Orders

“I, Ouyang Haoxuan, will like to admit Xi Yue as my master. Heaven and earth will be the witness. I will always follow Xi Yue’s side, listen to his command, and never betray him! If I violate this oath, I will be punished by heaven and earth!”

At the foot of Dragon Tiger Mountain, there were 100,000 people standing in a daze, but at the moment, they were silent as if someone had pressed the pause button.

Time flowed quietly. There was only the rustle of the wind blowing through the blades of grass in their ears.

Finally, the soldier who had just held the broken arm of Ouyang Haoxuan couldn’t help asking, “Miracle Healer Xi, you… can you really heal my brother’s leg?”

Hexi smiled proudly, “I can’t cure all diseases, but if I say it can be cured, I will definitely do it. Are you satisfied with this answer?”

The soldier trembled all over. His knees suddenly became soft as he knelt to the ground, “Miracle Healer Xi, I said that as long as you can cure my brother, I’m willing to do anything for you, let alone recognizing you as my master. I… I’m willing to follow you as the commander!”

“I’m willing too!”

“I’m willing too!”

Among the soldiers, some people knelt down one after another, from one to two, ten to one hundred, but then thousands of people all knelt down.

Some people who didn’t kneel down looked at Chen Guang, waiting for his instructions.

Ouyang Haoxuan stood up and looked at Chen Guang and said, “Uncle Chen, what are you still hesitating? Have you forgotten the Zhenwei Army’s dispatch conditions? As long as there is the commander’s seal of the Zhenwei Army, plus the recognition of the Ouyang Family’s bloodline, Xi Yue does not need any answer from anyone. She is already the new commander of the Zhenwei Army.”

Chen Guang was shocked, looking at Ouyang Haoxuan with complicated eyes, “Young master, do you really have no intention in taking over the Zhenwei Army?”

Ouyang Haoxuan chuckles and said, “No matter who leads the Zhenwei Army in the expedition in the future, the Zhenwei Army must be loyal to and belong to Xi Yue alone. This is my will.”

Chen Guang looked at Hexi with tears in his eyes, and he said in a hoarse voice, “We are not unwilling to ask me to follow mister as our commander in command, but I want mister to promise us one thing.”

Hexi nodded and smiled with majestic solemnness and determination, “Don’t worry, one day, I will let Feng Family pay their debts and let them fall into the boundless hell to repay the debts they once owed, and this one day will never be far away!”

Chen Guang closed his eyes and did not hesitate this time. He knelt down on one knee to Hexi and kowtowed, “Chen Guang, Deputy General of the Zhenwei Army, will follow the command of mister. From now on, you are the only master of our Zhenwei Army!”

With this kneeling of Chen Guang, the remaining soldiers of the Zhenwei Army no longer hesitate. They knelt down and shouted in unison.

“We will follow mister’s commands!”

The voices of a hundred thousand people were uniform. That was truly earth-shaking!

Even the birds on Dragon Tiger Mountain were startled; they soared into the sky with fluttering sounds.

Another loud shout happened again; it was more unison and more shocking than the last time.

“May mister give orders–!”

Bai Hu watched this scene dumbfounded, and he murmured, “Mom, princess is so powerful, even I want to shout ‘mighty princess’!”

Xuan Wu couldn’t help but squint slightly. The young woman dressed in a male costume stood above the 100,000 Imperial Guard with a calm expression. Her eyes looked clear with a hint of persistence. Her body seemed to be shining brightly. The most beautiful scene on the whole world seemed to be her only.

Such a woman will be master’s wife and our princess!