Chapter 750: How Can It Be Repaid by Just Death?

Chapter 750: How Can It Be Repaid by Just Death?

But… can anyone tell me that the man in front of me, who is peeling grapes for my Miss and is pushed away by my Miss with detest, is really… really the cruel and bloodthirsty King of Hell in the legend?

“Uncle Xi San, why are you here? Did mom’s bad master come to ask for alcohol again!?” A little pink pig suddenly rushed in front of him, biting a chicken leg and saying angrily, “Go back and tell that bad old man, the wine and food all belong to Little Egg; he is not allowed to steal from me!”

Xi San smiled; his face was so stiff as if it was petrified.

At this time, Hexi finally noticed the existence of Xi San. She looked up and waved at him, “How did Nalan Mansion react?”

Xi San regained his thought abruptly, and he quickly stepped forward to report to Hexi.

Hexi had already asked Chen Bai (one of Gu Liufeng’s original subordinates) to secretly deploy manpower at the Nalan Mansion to monitor their every move.

When Xi San sent medicinal pills to Nalan Zhengze, he also contacted Chen Bai along the way. Therefore, he naturally brought back news of Nalan Mansion.

Xi San finished talking tremblingly, and he saw Hexi’s mouth slightly pursed, revealing a half-smile.

At this time, His Royal Highness King of Hell was taking a piece of pastry to Miss, and she ate it naturally. The little cake stain on the corner of her mouth was even carefully wiped clean by King of Hell.

Xi San turned his head in shock. He saw the guards beside King of Hell were already accustomed to it; they didn’t feel strange at all.

God! That’s King of Hell! What is Miss’ identity?! She can even let King of Hell feed her.

Qing Luan by the side said in a puzzle at this moment, “Princess, since the little young master has been rescued, shouldn’t we just kill Nalan Mansion and avenge the little young master? Why bother to do so many tricks to waste time with the group of trashes in Nalan Mansion?”

Hexi titled up the corner of her mouth, and she said with gloomy eyes, “The Murong Mansion incident has made me fear a little. Behind the noble families in Yanjing City, it seems that there are treacherous forces behind them in secret. Especially the array in the Nalan Zhengze study room. It let me have a bad omen.”

“Once we alerted the enemies, it might make Nalan Zhengze fight back in desperate. It may even alarmed the people behind them, letting them taking precautions. It’s better to push the Nalan Family into desperation bit by bit, but also let them think they still have the hope of counterattack. In this way, it’s easier to get more information from them.”

“What’s more…” Hexi’s gaze fell on her little brother who was playing with the four little ones. Seeing his innocent smiling face, there was a trace of pity and cold hatred in her eyes, “They harmed Xiao Chi so much. If I just let their whole family die like that, isn’t that making it too easy for them? The abuses and humiliations that my brother and I suffered over the years, can it be repaid by just death? What I want is their reputation being totally ruined, letting them suffer a living hell!”

There was one more point, but Hexi didn’t say it.

That was, she still had too many doubts about the identities of Nalan Hexi and Xiao Chi.

Who is An Lingyue? If she is just an ordinary concubine, why would Nalan Zhengze care so much about what she left behind?

And who is Xiao Chi and my biological father? What is the powerful force sealed in Xiao Chi’s body?

I must dig out all these from Nalan Zhengze’s mouth.

Qing Luan nodded immediately when she heard the words. She pulled Xi San aside to discuss how to make Nalan Family even more unlucky.