Chapter 298 – Immortal Silk

Chapter 298 – Immortal Silk

Hexi struggled and found that without her realising, thread as thin as a strand of hair had wrapped around her body.

The other end of the thread was gripped in the man’s hand, and at this moment, she was just like a fish on a chopping board with no way to escape.

If it were an ordinary person who was facing such a situation, he likely would be frightened and panic.

However, what kind of person was Hexi? When she’d carried out missions in the past, she’d encountered all sorts of dangers, and had fought many different types of drug lords.

A corner of her mouth stretched into a sneer before a beautiful, yet cold voice unhurriedly left her bright red lips. “Such a joke. If you can find the parts of the array’s eye, why can’t I? Was this Major Cloud array created by your family? In the end, you’re nothing more than a useless person who was trapped in this array and was unable to come out!”

The man was astonished when he heard her remark. Growing up until now, he had never encountered anyone who dared speak to him like this.

After a long while, he quietly chuckled, but that laugh didn’t reach his eyes. Instead, his glare was cold. “Excellent, your cultivation base isn’t high, yet your courage isn’t small. Since you court death yourself, then I’d like to help you accomplish it. After I cripple your cultivation base, I’ll use the Soul Search Technique to get the information from you; the result is the same for you either way.”

As his words fell, a sharp light flashed from his hand and suddenly flew towards Hexi’s heart.

However, in the next moment, a shocked expression appeared on the man’s face.

He watched as Hexi, who was supposed to be restricted by the Immortal Silk and unable to budge, suddenly bent down and at a moment of life or death, avoid a fatal blow.

Following that, the Immortal Silk restraining Hexi like glue abruptly lit up. Turning a charred colour and withering away, it then fell to the ground as ash.

The trace of a sneer showed on a corner of Hexi’s mouth, and the Purple Abyss Vine in her hand flew straight towards the man without any hesitation.

The man was stunned and caught off guard, so he was directly hit on the chest by the Purple Abyss Vine with a snap.

If he hadn’t reacted in time and quickly stepped back, perhaps his heart would’ve been directly hit by the Purple Abyss Vine.

But despite dodging, his upper clothes had now been shredded, exposing his bare chest, perfect skin-tone, and the smooth lines of his six-pack.

The man bowed his head to examine his torn clothes and the bloody cut on his chest in disbelief. He couldn’t believe that he was injured by such a puny low-level martial artist.

Hexi didn’t look pleased though. This man before her, compared to her, had more experience and a higher cultivation base.

Even if he couldn’t use spiritual power within the Major Cloud array, Hexi didn’t believe for a second that if he attacked another way that she would be able to escape again.

With this thought in mind, Hexi no longer hesitated and the purple vine in her hand spun rapidly, causing the surrounding white fog to surge uncontrollably as it flew towards Hexi.

In just a moment, the white fog looked like it was going to swallow her. However, in the blink of an eye, it was entirely absorbed by the Purple Abyss Vine in her hand.

The purple vine which had absorbed the white fog kept trembling and rubbing its leaves against each other, making a rustling sound as if it was telling Hexi that it wanted to drink blood.

As more than half of the white fog was absorbed, the surroundings began to lighten. Yet suddenly it fluctuated, and soon after became denser.

Within the white fog, the black clothed man’s face expressed clear shock. As he looked at Hexi and the flickering purple vine in her hand, his expression abruptly changed to one of understanding and excitement.