Chapter 446 Limited Amounts To Purchase

Later that same day, the sun was slowly setting on the horizon as Qing Long watched, with amusement, as his Master put a reddish brown food box by his bedside. Then, he sat cross-legged in meditation. Occasionally, he would open his eyes and gently caress the box.

He carried a tender expression on his face that seemed to be deeply ingrained. If Qing Long didn’t clearly see that it was a food box in front of Master, he would’ve thought that the food box was actually a beautiful woman instead.

»»————- ✼ ————-««

Over the following few days, Hexi was in seclusion in her space. She spent her time refining pills and practicing her Maha Inheritance.

And as for the pills she refined, she usually handed them over to Xi San. From there, Xi San would directly bring them to Sheng De Hall to sell them.

Before Xi San received any pills, he already knew that Miss could refine a numerous amount of pills in one day. But when he actually saw a thousand first ranked pills and a hundred second ranked pills, he turned speechless with shock.

Although this batch of several thousand pills only had two or three hundred pills that were first rate Supplement Spirit Pills, the remaining ones were still at the level of a high quality Supplement Spirit Pill.

This… This was only the product of a days work, ah. His family’s Miss really defied the heavens, ah!

After seven days passed, Hexi remembered that Gu Liufeng’s Mother would soon be entering a critical point of her withdrawal symptoms. After considering for a moment, she decided that it was still best for her to go assist her using her wood spiritual power. So, she began to prepare to go to Sheng De hall to have a look.

However, by the time Hexi arrived on Yan Jing city’s eastern street, she was frightened by the dense crowd of people that filled the street.

Correct, it was clearly just seven in the morning, but Yan Jing city’s eastern street was already packed full of people.

Moreover, these people weren’t strolling around the street, shopping. Instead, they were all motionless, seeming to be waiting in line, blocking a certain place.

A moment later, Hexi finally realized that these people were blocking the entrance of Sheng De Hall.

What was going on here?

Previously, the entrance to Sheng De hall was completely deserted. How come it was now surrounded by an impenetrable crowd of people?

But what confused Hexi the most was the fact that she saw people belonging to influential families and even the imperial family in the line. Their clothes were appropriate for their rank and they stood at the very front of the line.

On ordinary days, these people acted extremely arrogant. However, now, they all obediently stood in line at the entrance, waiting for Sheng De Hall to open for the day.

Hexi walked a bit closer and suddenly began to hear the sounds of people whispering to each other.

“How come it still hasn’t opened, ah? I’ve already waited the whole night!”

“What is just one night worth? I arrived yesterday afternoon and I’ve been waiting here since!”

“What do you think is up with Sheng De Hall, ah? Do you think they aren’t selling anymore?”

“Impossible! Yesterday I heard shopkeeper Zhou say, with my own ears, that Sheng De Hall would be selling these first rate pills every single day! But I heard that these pills are very time consuming to refine, so there are limited amounts to purchase.”

“Limited amounts to purchase? What’s the limit? In front of us, there are so many people, will the line ever get to us, ah?”

The people in the line suddenly cried out in grief. Most of all was the fact that the people at the front of the line were all from influential families, by the time they finished buying what they wanted, there wouldn’t be any pills left for them.

The person previously speaking heaved a sigh. “What can be done? This is someone else’s Sheng De Hall and the pills are their own. However many they wish to buy is however many they will buy. And if they don’t buy, you still don’t have any means, ah!”

“But even if we can’t buy top quality Supplement Spirit Pills, Sheng De Hall sells other first rate pills. The quality of those pills are better than the ones that other medicinal halls sell, I’m scared that I won’t even be able to buy those!”

Another person followed up with a voice laced with excitement. “That’s true! A few days before, my shi di [1] fought for a bottle of Sheng De Hall’s first rank Supplement Spirit Pill. According to him, the crystal’s power and purity in this pill is even better than the first ranked pills that other shops sell. So don’t even mention first rate Supplement Spirit Pills!”

[1] shi di – younger junior disciple