Chapter 977: It’s Too Late

Chapter 977: It’s Too Late

“Ahh—!!” The guard screamed, and the situation on the city wall became chaotic again.

Lu Zhixi had never thought that Zhuge Xiaotian, who was fainted by her knockout scent, would wake up again. She was stunned for a while with a look of panic.

Suddenly, Li Zhenyu’s panicked voice came into her ears, “Zhixi be careful!”

As soon as the words sounded, Lu Zhixi felt a stinky smell rushing over his face, then a scary face full of red spots and bloodstains appeared in front. He bit toward her neck.

Lu Zhixi let out a horrifying scream, then she took out a crossbow without even thinking about it.

This hand crossbow looked no different from the crossbows used by mortals, but it was forged with heavenly heart wood that was more than hundreds of thousands of years old. The arrows were even smeared with deadly poison. It was called [Divine Mechanic Crossbow].

Zhuge Feng almost recognized this [Divine Mechanic Crossbow] at first sight. Almost everyone in the Miluo Continent knew that the [Divine Mechanic Crossbow] was Lu Xuyang’s life-saving weapon when he was young. After he became famous, he left this treasure to his only daughter.

The firing speed of the Divine Mechanic Crossbow was very fast. In addition to its highly poisonous arrows, it could easily penetrate the protective shields and flesh of martial artists. Even the martial artists of the Nascent Soul stage could be seriously injured by the Divine Mechanic Crossbow, let alone Zhuge Xiaotian of the Meridians Stage.

If he was hit by Divine Mechanic Crossbow, he, who was severely ill initially, would almost certainly die.

“Fairy Zhixi, show mercy!” Zhuge Feng yelled in horror.

However, it was too late.

The sound of the Divine Mechanic Crossbow blasted through the air, and the arrow flew toward Zhuge Xiaotian’s forehead.

“No–!!!” Zhuge Feng’s eyes were widened as if blood and tears would gush out.

His only son, his Xiaotian, was going to die in full view of everyone like this.

Suddenly, Zhuge Feng’s expression froze in horror.

He stared stiffly at the man in black that suddenly appeared in front of Zhuge Xiaotian. For a long time, he felt a pain in his chest before he realized that he was holding his breath.

He saw that the man in a black robe had a cold and unparalleled handsome face. The pair of starry eyes seemed to contain the coldest frost in the world, coldly looking at Lu Zhixi.

His slender fingers caught the arrow in his hand.

The Divine Mechanic Crossbow smeared with lethal poison was the common iron in his fingers. He pinched, and the arrow turned into powder.

Zhuge Feng took a deep breath and couldn’t believe his eyes.

Even the martial artists of the Nascent Soul stage will have danger touching the arrow of the Divine Mechanic Crossbow, but the young handsome man before him can easily catch the heavenly wood arrow and turn it into powder.

Who is this man in black?!

However, Zhuge Feng was only shocked for a moment, and he looked back at his son soon.

At this time Zhuge Xiaotian was no longer in a bloodthirsty mode.

His body was still struggling, but his aura slowly calmed down.

And standing beside him was the beautiful, unparalleled young man Miracle Healer—Xi Yue.