Chapter 998 Gone Insane

Chapter 998: Gone Insane


There was an uproar in the audience. They were shock and anger one after another.

If Li Zhenyu’s words just now only made everyone shocked, puzzled, and questioned, then his last words made everyone present infuriated.

This was no longer a question of winning or losing a bet! It was not the anger that could be quelled by how many crystal stones they lost or win.

Although Zhuge Feng’s cultivation was not high, he was a very good city lord for the people of Yongan City.

But now, their city lord was being threatened publicly. He was just telling the truth, but he and his family’s safety couldn’t be guaranteed?

How can Li Zhenyu say that? How can he be so arrogant? Is it just because of the power of the Yunlan Sect and the Doctors Association?

Lu Zhixi’s face at this time could no longer be described as ugly, but his face was extremely gloomy.

Her voice was like an ice bead, and she said coldly, “Li Zhenyu, stop saying! Did someone do something to you that you don’t even have a sane mind now?”

“How am I not having a sane mind!” Li Zhenyu suddenly took a step forward and grabbed Lu Zhixi’s hand with a frantic expression. “Zhixi, I told you before, I’m willing to do anything for you, even if you let me go murder someone, I will not hesitate. I’m willing to sweep all the obstacles before you!”

“Shut up!” Lu Zhixi trembled with anger, and a burst of smoke burst out of his hand.

The white smoke floated to Li Zhenyu’s cheek, and he was in a daze as if he was about to fall. However, a powerful burning force surged up in his chest, making him awake again.

This time, his gaze was even more scorching, and his expression even more mad. He stretched out his hand to hug Lu Zhixi and said hoarsely, “Zhixi, I really like you so much. You have always been the goddess in my heart. I want to hug you like this even in my dream and kiss you…”

With that, he was about to kiss Lu Zhixi’s fragrant lips.

Lu Zhixi only felt a burst of nausea rushing to her heart. She couldn’t bear it anymore. A surging spiritual power was released as she pushed.

Li Zhenyu seemed to have completely lost the power of resistance. He staggered a few steps being pushed by Lu Zhixi, then he fell from the city wall.

Bang—” With a loud noise, Li Zhenyu fell under the wall with an unsightly pose, let out a moan and fainted.

Although the city walls of the Yongan City’s city lord’s mansion were not too high, the martial artists fell down without channeling spiritual power would break a few bones.

The citizens below were all taken aback by the incident. When they saw Li Zhenyu’s embarrassed and unsightly posture, they all burst into laughter.

On the city wall, Lu Zhixi and Ren Xueling finally couldn’t stay any longer. They turned around and left with cold faces.

No one ever looked at Li Zhenyu, who had passed out in pain. Instead, the people of Yongan City underneath pointed at him and laughed at his vicious actions and his miserable end.

Little Egg, Little Golden Dragon, and Mo Xiaotu, who stood not far behind Hexi, turned their admiring eyes to Xiao Li.

Little Egg held up his small paw and exclaimed, “Sister Xiao Li, you are so amazing! You’re even better than mom. You can make the villain surnamed Li speak the truth without using medicine!”