Chapter 1003 Drive Away?

Chapter 1003: Drive Away?

Before Hexi asked them why, Ren Xueling rushed up in a vigorous step and cursed: “Xi Yue, what have you done to us?! Isn’t it enough for us to be so miserable by you in the past few days? You? Why do you want to drag us down like this?!”

Hexi raised her eyebrows and asked a little surprised, “What did I do?”

“You’re still pretending to be innocent!!” Ren Xueling gritted his teeth. “Today, all the medicine halls in the Tian Gang Kingdom have posted announcements, saying that the medicinal pills in the pharmacies will no longer be sold to my Ren Family and my cousin’s… Li Family, aren’t all these done by you?”

Hexi’s eyes flashed.

Before she spoke, Gu Liufeng, who was drinking tea on the side, stood up slowly and said, “I announced this. Xi Yue really doesn’t know. You can ask me if you have any questions.”

“It’s you! What are you? You dare to stop those pharmacies from selling medicines to our Ren Family from now on?! Do you think I would be afraid of such threats?!”

Gu Liufeng’s peach blossom eyes narrowed slightly. His eyes were full of coldness. “From the moment you insulted Xi Yue, you should have this kind of awareness. Or do you think that Xi Yue can be bullied by you at will? When you were arrogant, we watched you arrogantly. Now that you fucked up, don’t come to blame us! Your loser look is really too unsightly!”

Ren Xueling’s face flushed red, looking at Gu Liufeng and Hexi fiercely as if she tore them in pieces the next moment.

Lu Zhixi, who still lived in the east wing of Lanxiang Courtyard, rushed over when she heard the news. Seeing Ren Xueling’s infuriated look, she quickly asked: “Xueling, what happened?”

As soon as Ren Xueling heard Lu Zhixi’s question, her eyes became red as she said in a sobbing tone, “Senior Sister, they are bullying us. Not only they disgraced you publicly, they even want to drive away my Ren Family!”

“Drive away?”

Seeing Lu Zhixi coming out, Li Zhenyu hurriedly stepped forward and said, “Zhixi, you don’t know this yet. Early this morning, all the pharmacies in Yongan City published an announcement, listing a series of names, including me, Xueling, Doctor Jiang, Peng San and others. Those pharmacies announced that they will blacklist us and our family from now on and no longer provide medicinal pills to us. Moreover, it is not just Yongan City, but all medicine halls in the Tian Gang Kingdom today all posted this announcement.”

“What?!” Lu Zhixi exclaimed, “How is this possible? Why would these pharmacies do this?”

“It’s because of these bitches!” Ren Xueling screamed, “They threatened the pharmacies to drive us away!”

Lu Zhixi looked even more startled, “Just them, how could they threaten all the pharmacies in the Cang Ming Kingdom?”

Li Zhenyu and Ren Xueling’s expressions were distorted.

Gu Liufeng took a step forward and smiled slowly, “I can answer this question for them. Because three days ago, I just issued orders to all the branches and supply points of Shengde Hall in Miluo Continent. All pharmacies that want to cooperate with Shengde Hall must blacklist the families I listed and never provide medicinal pills to them. Otherwise, Shengde Hall will stop cooperating with these pharmacies. It’s that simple. “

Lu Zhixi’s breathing stopped slightly and her eyes widened.